What happens if you tested positive for glucose during pregnancy?


Ample reasons are attributed, on why during a prenatal visit a sample of your urine is collected. Rather than the routine check-ups, your health care provider is checking out for positive glucose in urine during pregnancy. In medical terms it is known as glycosuria

What is the main reason behind glycosuria?

In your urine glucose is not found. It is the hormone insulin that would force glucose to move from the blood into the various cells of the body as muscle or fat to be used for energy. The glucose that is remaining in the body is then filtered and it is reabsorbed by our body for the kidneys. The kidneys are bean shaped backs that are located at the back of your abdomen which discharges all waste. This is in the form of urine. If you figure out that urine sugar positive in pregnancy is on the higher side, it means that the kidneys cannot absorb all the sugar, then glucose will be there in your urine.

The presence of glycosuria rings alarm bells for diabetes and when this happens during the period of pregnancy it goes by the name of gestational diabetes. For this reason the doctors are checking out for glucose in your urine sample which means that they are checking out for gestational diabetes.

The possibility of false positives cannot be ruled out as well. It would be really important to understand that routine urine glucose tests undertaken at doctor’s chamber would serve as a mere screening for gestational diabetes. For a full diagnosis a lot more tests could be called for. A general feeling is that nearly half of the women have glucose in their urine levels during some point of pregnancy. Out of this only 7 % of women go on to have a screening for gestational diabetes. There is no need to panic if the doctor says that they have found sugar in your urine. Here you can pinpoint the blame to a sweet breakfast you might have had.

Other pointers

In some cases a situation of renal glycosuria is to be blamed for a positive urine glucose test. This is a genetic condition that occurs when your blood sugar levels are normal. Based on urine and blood tests the doctor can rule out the possibility of the same.

There are some medications that may force sugar to appear in your urine and this could not be because of diabetes as well. Discuss with your doctor any medicines that you are taking and do not stop any medicines without consulting your doctor.

To conclude an increase in risk levels of developing diabetes really stresses the need for screening of glycosuria. Opt for foods that are a rich source of food and restrict your sugar consumption to a bare minimum. All the expecting mothers along with their babies are expected to cash in on the benefits of a healthy diet. Discuss with your doctor what a healthy diet is or the internet might provide lot of information on the same.

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