Pregnancy Tools: What To Expect?


Back in our mother’s days, figuring out if anyone is pregnant or not was difficult. They had to literally miss one period cycle to know whether they are pregnant or not. There were no fast pregnancy detecting tools, neither were period tracking apps to help them know the results.

However, these days, women can find out if they are expecting in a fast, convenient, and with better accuracy with home pregnancy pregnancy tool kits.

How do the home pregnancy test kit works?

All the home pregnancy test kits available in the market work the same way: they select the urinary levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), a placenta-produced hormone of pregnancy. As soon as the kit has detected your hCG, it would show you the results. Based on the brand, if you have tested positive, you would get double lines on the kit or vice versa.

When is it the right time to take the test?

Super excited to test the kit? We understand that it’s hard to wait to test the kit to know if there’s the future baby is waiting inside you or not. The time is crucial, and an anticipating mind shatters completely when it sees negative as a result. Therefore, it is suggested to take the test the right way. If you test just seven days after ovulation, the kit will be unable to pick up the very low levels of hCG in your urine. This may turn into a ‘false negative’ even if sperm has met egg. So test your urine two weeks after ovulation and using the very first urine of the day.

How accurate are pregnancy test results done at home?

Commercials featuring pregnancy test kits claim that the result can be true up to 99 percent if done following the instructions exactly. Although reports have shown that the accuracy is 75 per cent.

However a few factors should be kept in mind-

You should know first when to take the test. Tests done using the first urine of the day two weeks after ovulation is very likely to give you accurate results.

Know when the embryo implants inside the wall of your uterus wall. Embryo implantation does not occur in the first day of missed period. So if you conduct the home pregnancy test very early, it may give an inappropriate reading. Instead give your system a few days so that you have better hCG and the pregnancy test tool result gets more accurate.

By now we have said to test using the first urine of the day. It is because the morning urine is more concentrated, hence more hCG is present in it.

Also one should avoid drinking too much water before the test because it would eventually dilute the hCG hormone present in the urine.

An expired pregnancy test tool kit can come with wrong answers, so do check every detail before testing. No matter when you decide to take the pregnancy test, false positives are not so common if compared to false negative pregnancy results. So if you have tested positive in the test, there are always 99 percent chance that you are pregnant.

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