Your 101 Guide To Writing Country Hits


With country music becoming more popular than ever, it is the best time to experiment and bring about innovation to country music. So, if you are a country music songwriter who wants to add more value to their music, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Focus on the Melody

If you think lyrics are the driving force behind a good song, then you should rethink that strategy again and give more attention to your music melody instead. Despite country music being so lyric-driven, you can still add more to it by giving it more groove and making it more melody-driven.

Understand Your Audience

Some people might think that country music is outdated or that it does not have the same vibe as rock, rap and pop do – but in reality, country music holds a lot of values and importance, which become apparent once we properly listen to it.

Country music songwriters can be selfless. They tend to write songs based on their life experiences that they know others can relate to themselves. It is essential to understand what your audience wants right and work towards delivering it to them.

Incorporating Other Music Genres

Simply sticking to country music when writing songs is not enough to inspire you to create a masterpiece hit. If you really want to write songs that can be appreciated by this generation, you need to broaden your horizon and look into all kinds of music genres.

Many veteran country music artists enjoy listening to R&B, rock, and pop music. The melody is different, but it can become a critical inspiration for you that will make you want to write your music in a certain way. And who knows? You might actually create something new entirely and become one of the most renowned singers there ever was.

Learning From Professionals

The work of professional country music artists can prove to be very useful to you as you can learn so much on how to improve your music just by looking at what they have achieved in their career.

Consider Phillip Sanders – one of the most highly acclaimed American country music artists and songwriters, one of the first few musicians who gained a high reputation during the boom of country music in recent years.

Growing up in a childhood surrounded by music artists, he always found it natural to pursue his career in this creative field as well. He started his professional career in 2016, and the following year he wrote ‘Never Thought I Could Change’ featuring Curt Ryle. The song gained massive positive response from the crowd, and then in 2018, he released ‘With Her I’am’, which ended up hitting #10 on Joyce Ramgatie’s top 40’s single chart. Plus, Sanders also hit the European to 200 country chart and #1 on Artist Direct’s Top 100 trending weekly artist and held onto that spot for more than 10 weeks.

In 2019, he released the song ‘Another You’ originally recorded back in 1996 by David Kersh. However, since there was no music video released for the song, Sanders obtained a mechanical license to remake the song with a music video.

Furthermore, Sanders has been featured multiple times on Hot Country TV, The Country Network, CBS, NBC, Fox, and CMT Videos, where he has talked about his music career in great detail and hopes to inspire future country artists.

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