Pregnancy: A joyous ride with a lot of twists and turns



Babies are the gift of god. Every mother wants to see their child’s face, so that they can cherish that moment forever. A baby grows in its mother’s womb for 9 months before seeing the first light of this universe. Thus following the child’s growth and development from a tiny mass to a fully grown inside the womb is truly a thrilling journey which is lived by both mother and her child together, breathing the same air, eating the same food.  With the advent of technology nowadays it is very possible for the mother’s to see their babies dwelling inside their body.

Fetal Ultra-sound for proper visualization

Ultra-Sonography or USG is very popular technique to visualize the baby in its fetal condition. Fetal ultrasound happens to very efficient and painless too, which the doctor’s popularly use. The mechanism of fetal ultrasound is that it release high frequency sound wave or energy, which upon hitting the body surface of the child reflects and gives different signals that are interpreted by the sensors attached to it, into an image of the baby. It is very much possible to monitor to growth along with its position that will help gynecologists during delivery that whether normal or caesarian section should be chosen. This technique is a complete harmless, for the baby as well as the motherStep by step baby growth during pregnancy video can give a lot of other information’s to the doctor’s. They are

  • Location of the baby.
  • Fetal heartbeat.
  • Fetal pole.
  • Yolk sac and chorionic sac, etc.

Problems associated with pregnancy

This pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the mother’s body be it mentally or physically. Due to large alterations in the hormonal balance of the mother these changes prevails. As the baby resides in the womb, sometime mothers face certain problems also. One of the major problem reported is pulmonary disease in fetal condition.  It is mainly due to the physiological adaptation as the uterus becomes gravid that causes a constriction in the movement of the diaphragm as well as decreased functional capacity that results in to constraints in breathing. Bronchial asthma is one of the most occurring problems faced by the mothers during their gestation. Although this asthmatic condition might also originate from personal or familial history of atopy. However it is also stimulated by external catalyzers like dust, animals, pollen, different airborne infectious agents.

Managing the problems

Taking respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy appears to be very much important along with proper continuation of the prescription for the safety of the child as well as the mother. Simple drug compositions like corticosteroids that are prescribed to non-pregnant are also prescribed for those who are pregnant with a particular dose. Caesarian sections are preferred way of delivery for the mother’s having respiratory problem as regional blockade is better than full body anesthesia.


The arrival of a baby is very joyous for every family. We should take utmost care of the mother as the baby’s well-being is completely dependent on the mother’s well-being. And such problems should be treated by consulting with efficient doctors at the very advent. If you want proper treatment tips, visit

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