The Matter With The Bone Marrow


The bone marrow can be easily defined as the brown spongy tissue present in certain bones in the body which includes the thigh bones and the hip. It contains immature cells also known as stem cells. These stem cells are often the only hope of survival for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases like lymphomia, leukemia, and sickle cell anemia.

Transplantation Of The Bone Marrow

The term ‘transplantation’ indicates that a healthy marrow replaces the unhealthy one in the patient’s body. The transplantation does not require a surgery. It is more like receiving medicine or blood through the intravenous method. Prior to the transplantation, a patient has to undergo chemotherapy sometimes without or with radiation therapy. These procedures kill the cells that lead to the disease and put a stop to further spreading. Once that is done, the body is ready for replacement of the bone marrow which will lead to a cure. The new cells inserted through the intravenous technique start growing gradually and form new platelets, red and white blood cells.

Getting Ready For The Transplantation

A bone marrow transplantation requires takes almost a week. So the patient needs to make a number of arrangements before the procedure begins.

  • Ensure that the hospital is located near the house
  • Adequate medical leave
  • Take enough clothes for the stay
  • Arrange for transportation
  • Someone to take care of children and pets if you have

Your stay at the bone marrow transplantation hospitals India should be a comfortable one so chose properly. Since the immune system will weak you will have to stay in a special section of the hospital till your body is strong enough to battle exposure to the outside environment. An infection at this stage can be life threatening. Consult your doctor and discuss the situation properly so that you are confident of the procedure.

Types Of Marrow Transplants

Two types of bone marrow transplants take place depending on the disease you are suffering from.

Autologous transplants

In case of these transplants the patient’s own stem cells are used. The cells are harvested before the chemotherapy is started. Once the therapy is completed the good cells are injected back into the body. In such cases it is very important to possess a healthy bone from where the stem cells will be harvested.

Allogenic transplants

In case of allogenic transplants the stem cells of a donor is used for the patient. A genetic match is necessary in such cases but the donor does not have to be related to the patient. A perfect match can be found from the donor registers as well. Allogenic transplants can be a bit risky because the body can attack the newly injected cells. The immune system has to be suppressed to prevent something like that from happening.

A thorough discussion with the efficient doctors is necessary. Try getting admitted at the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India to avoid chances of complications and getting a better treatment.

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