Taking Care Of A Hand Dryer


Taking care of a hand dryer is straightforward, but the people who install this equipment in their business cannot afford to be complacent at all.

How should a business take care of a hand dryer after it has been installed?

Clean The Dryer Thoroughly Every Day

Cleaners should make sure that dirt and soap residue does not remain on the outside of the dryer because they need to be presentable for the next group of people who are using the toilets.

  • Clean dryers are completely hygienic and will entice everyone to use them. Wipe down the protective casing as well as the buttons.

Make Sure That The Dryer Buttons Are Working Every Day

Check that all of the bathroom hand dryers have buttons which are working at the end of every day. The highest-quality dryers are always going to remain in top condition so the button never needs to be replaced. People who want to dry their hands can press the button and then a hot stream of air comes out.

The temperature of the dryer should never fluctuate and it has to remain at a constant temperature.

  • When someone is using the toilets will be frustrated if the buttons are not working properly as they should be. When the buttons are functioning, this makes users happy.

Check That The Motion Sensors Are OK Every Day

Many dryers have motion sensors embedded in them so that air switches on without any contact whatsoever. After the dryer has been installed, these sensors have to be kept in the best condition. Check that the sensors switch on the dryer at the end of every single business day.

  • When someone wants to dry their hands they cannot use equipment when the motion sensors do not work properly. When the motion sensors are working, users are not tempted to use paper towels at all.

Test The Air Pressure Of The Dryer Every Day

Air pressure is important and it needs to be tested. Air pressure should be high enough so that people’s hands are free of water in a short space of time. Check that the pressure is consistent, even when the dryer is a couple of years old.

  • Nobody wants to use equipment that has extremely low pressure because it is difficult for them to dry their hands. When the air is high-pressure, everyone will want to use the dryers.

Test The Direction Of The Air Every Day

Many dryers can blow air in different directions so that people clean the entire surface of their hands easily.

  • People may not want to use equipment that only blows air in one direction. When hot air is being blown in multiple directions, users are going to be happy.

Frequency Of These Tests

Every single dryer should be checked by staff prior to locking-up. Taking care of this equipment is not difficult at all, so it is a top priority to make sure that the dryers work at 100% without ever needing to be serviced.

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