The Undeniable Appeal of Miniature War Games


At first glance, one might think that table top war games are something to keep the kids occupied, and while that might be very true, there are thousands of not millions of adults around the world that love to play miniature war games. Of course, there is the sweet taste of victory, yet it isn’t just raising your flag to signal the conflict has been won, as the players also enjoy assembling and painting the many miniatures that make up a game.

Winning Strategy

As with the real thing, tabletop miniature war games involve strategy, and with a vast range of Infinity miniatures available, one first needs to get some experience in the field by warring against everyone and anyone who is willing to be your opponent. Infinity is without doubt one of the most popular table top war games on the market today, and the backdrop is a futuristic world of 175 years in the future, where players select elite squads from the different regiments, and with each character having specific talents, to win requires a combination of good strategy and determination.

The Uncertainty of War

As with the real thing, table top war games are full of uncertainty, as one player might be in a seemingly unassailable position, yet the roll of the dice could quickly change everything, and also like real conflict, the more you play, the better you become. There are starter packs, where both players who are new to the game can test their skills and learn the rules, and once you have played a few missions at the level, you can move up to more challenging scenarios.

Download the Rules

Infinity is a very complex game with complex rules and you can download the rules for free, and spend as much time as you need to familiarise yourself with how to play the game.  The setting of the game is one where humans have already discovered wormholes that allow you to time travel to other solar systems and therefore colonise planets, and this means you must be ready for anything.

Controlling your Own Army

Perhaps the real appeal of tabletop wargames is the feeling of power it gives the players.  You have an awesome arsenal at your fingertips, and winning is all about strategy, patience, and, of course, skill. The great thing about Infinity, the war game, is that players do not have to reveal all of their hardware, and also you might have mission objectives that your opponent is unaware of.

The Importance of Terrain

As with real conflict, the terrain makes a lot of difference, and being behind cover can dramatically increase your chances of completing the mission, therefore players are advised to create the right type of terrain. One can buy additional items to use when playing, and there are third party companies that produce game specific terrain items for Infinity.

If you have never played a table top wargame, you might be surprised to find it really is satisfying, and as your experience and skills grow, you can take on even better players, until one day, many years in the future, you can consider yourself unbeatable!

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