How age gap between 2 babies count


Family planning is a very important thing to do. One needs to be aware about the age gap if they want two children.

If a family is planning for 2 babies then the obvious question that arises to their mind is what should be the ideal age gap between siblings. Is there is any actual calculation which one can do in order to get the right age gap between 2 children.

Well, there is nothing called the exact solution. But yes, one can always keep in mind the good and bad sides of every kind of age gaps in between the siblings because each year of age gap can come with their own merits and demerits.

If there is a one or a 2 year gap in between 2 children then both of them will grow up together and so small age gap seems perfect for many parents. In the initial years there will be a busy time indeed with all the messiness, noisiness and tiring years but all of them are for a reasonably short period. The older child (even if he/she is still a toddler) will find it amusing and very engaging to play and take care of the little one. This will automatically grow the bond between 2 children. Also in these cases, the children grow up to have similar tastes and grow a strong bond of friendship in between them. It also becomes easier to organise them if they are of similar age and years if juggling is not required.

But having 2 babies back to back can be a bit difficult for the mother and both the parents because in the initial years it can be very tough to maintain that. This can be a very all consuming experience with sleepless nights, constant breast feeding and continuous changing of nappies. So this can be a very exhausting experience of the parents and also for the other family members. But again if both the partners are helping enough then one can pass this difficult phase easily as well. But before deciding on this family planning one needs to see if they have a strong economic base or not. Because, the cost of bringing up 2 children at the same time can be a bit difficult and heavy on the bank accounts. Their schooling and going to colleges and other things always keep happening at the same time.

“If that sounds too difficult, then one can keep a 3 to 4 years of age gap between two children. This will give you some initial days of peace because when the second baby arrives, the first child becomes a bit independent, and they do not need constant monitoring anymore. So one can relax and concentrate fully on the second baby. Visit for more insights on parenting and child spacing.

There is nothing called best gap between the babies. It completely depends on the parents that how they can manage 2 children and what their capacity is. It will depend on how they feel easy to bring up a child.

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