Does OWI Arrest Records Being Public Matter?


Think that your troubles are over after an arrest and conviction for OWI? Think again. Many people believe that getting your life back together after an OWI arrest and conviction starts with paying restitution for the crime. However, this is far from the truth. The impacts of an OWI arrest and conviction are far reaching, especially in light of the fact that these Arrest Records, as well as all other arrest records, are public records. This means that anyone who wants to find out about your past and your OWI arrest and conviction can do so with just a few mouse clicks. Why is this important to know?

An OWI arrest and conviction is expensive. First and foremost, hiring a lawyer to represent you in a criminal case is extremely expensive. Of course you can get representation for less, but when it comes to legal representation, you get what you pay for. Cutting corners on legal costs can have a significant impact on your outcome. However, this is just the beginning of your financial woes.

Many employers will not hire individuals with arrest records, even if they aren’t felonies. This is especially true for OWI arrest records in certain job sectors. Transportation jobs such as taxi cab drivers, 18 wheeler drivers and more are out of the question for those who have an arrest and/or conviction for OWI. However, many employers will simply overlook applications by candidates who have arrest records, OWI or other. Other job sectors such as financial, real estate, securities, healthcare and more will also have strict rules regarding arrests and convictions for OWI.

If you are a business owner, you should go ahead and expect to lose a significant amount of business if you have been arrested and/or convicted of OWI. This is because those records are public and are easily discovered by potential and existing customers. Such records have a negative impact on the reputation of the owner as well as place a bad light on the business itself, which can ultimately lead to a reduction in sales so significant that the company has no choice but to shut down. This is especially true of companies that service customers where trust by the customer is a requirement.

And these are just a few examples of how a public arrest record for OWI can impact your life in a negative fashion long after the dust settles on your arrest and conviction. If you have been arrested for and convicted of OWI, you should understand that just because your case is over and you have begun going through the motions of paying your dues that your struggles aren’t over. They are just beginning. You can find out more about this and much more of the Latest News surrounding OWI arrests and convictions when you click here.
Your OWI Arrest Records are public. But how much does that really matter.
Marchelle Lamaster

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