Common Types of Lifts Used Around the House


If you or someone you know has mobility issues, it can be very difficult to get around the house. That difficulty is exacerbated if you have a house with more than one story. Even one-story houses with front porch steps can be something of a problem. If you have mobility issues, you should not be limited in how you can move about your entire house. If you are trying to reclaim ownership of your house and reassert your autonomy, you need to invest in mobility aids.

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are those things around the house that help you get around more easily. There are simple aids and more complex ones. For example, the simplest type of mobility aid is a bar that goes in your bathroom. You can find many aids from RJ Lifts but a stability bar is the simplest. A stability bar is a bar that goes over your toilet or over your bathtub to help you get in and out of the tub. The mobility bar is a bar that is mounted to the wall; you can grab it while you are sitting down or standing up. It helps your mobility for two reasons. For one, it increases your stability by offering a third point of contact. Your two feet are two points of contact and the bar makes it a third when you hold it. Also, you are able to lend your upper body strength to the process of sitting down and standing up. This is absolutely critical for many people with mobility issues.

There are also mobility lifting aids. These are aids that are a little more involved. Instead of just a bar that helps you stabilise yourself when you sit down and stand up, a lifting aid actually does a lot of the work for you. The most common and most widely used type of aid is the stairlift.


RJ Lifts has different options for stairlifts that will help you get around your house. A stairlift is a chair that is connected to a track. In the track, there is a chain or wire connected to the chair. When the motor on the lift turns, it pulls the wire or chain. That pulls a chair up the stairs. Then, when you need to go down the stairs, the motor slowly lets the lift down the stairs. This allows people who have mobility issues to get up and down the stairs easily. All you need to do is sit down in the chair and ride.

If you are looking for a lift for someone with significant mobility issues, be sure to look for one that has a swivelling chair. A swivelling chair means that the chair will actually turn 90 degrees from the stairs so that you don’t have to twist your body to get into the chair. The chair will pivot to be easier to sit in and then you can ride it up the stairs. These are some important features of a mobility chair.

There are some more options for mobility aids as well. Scooter are popular for many people who have problem walking, for example.

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