The basics of long-term disability insurance


Like many others, you are probably wondering if long-term disability insurance is the same as Social Security. Social Security Disability is a federal program, while long-term disability insurance is offered by private insurance companies. Employees can get the LTD benefits because they purchased a policy or because their employers offer LTD coverage. There are varied conditions that qualify for long-term disability benefits. In this post, we are sharing more on long-term disability insurance.

Qualifying for long term disability benefits

To qualify for long-term disability benefits, you have to prove a few things. First things first, you have to prove that you have a serious medical condition and cannot perform your job or any work that can earn you a stable income. You must also meet the eligibility criteria of the purchased plan. The insurance company has to accept the claim so that you can get the benefits of LTD insurance. Io

What if the LTD claim is denied?

Unfortunately, a considerable number of LTD claims are denied every year. For long-term disability insurance providers, the biggest objective is to reduce their financial burden, and they often deny claims on flimsy grounds. However, it is possible to appeal your LTD claim denial. This is why you need a long-term disability lawyer, who can appeal on your behalf. The actual process depends on whether you purchased the LTD or your employer paid for it. In case your employer paid for the insurance, appeals will involve the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which can be complicated.

Should you hire a long-term disability lawyer?

Dealing with long-term disability claims can feel complicated, and it makes sense to work with an experienced lawyer. Your long-term disability lawyer will ensure that all the necessary documents and evidence are in place so that your claim doesn’t get denied on flimsy grounds. Also, disabled employees cannot really handle everything on their own, and for their own benefit, they should at least meet an attorney. The first appointment with a long-term disability lawyer is typically free, and you can expect the attorney to be compassionate to your circumstances and aggressive with your claim.

Don’t assume that someone who is experienced with divorce or basic legal matters is the right choice for your case. Look for a long-term disability lawyer, who has worked with clients having similar situations like yours. Click the website for more information. This site guides you on all complicated aspects.

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