Most Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced


Most of us believe that unfaithfulness is the major cause of divorce. But to tell you, we all got it wrong.

Infidelity is often believed that this is the turning point for getting into a divorce. However, there are actually too many major reasons why couples decide to end the relationship. And according to studies and research, communication topped as the leading cause of marriage failure.

Here are some of the contributing factors to divorce:

Lack of commitment

Marriage is the ultimate commitment, as they say. But, when couples finally have children and join the relationship, most of them soon forget or neglect that they are a couple. So the fire and romance slowly die, causing the relationship to deteriorate.


Some common reasons for cheating are: insecurity issues, the feeling of being neglected, and a fear of abandonment.

Conflicts and arguments

No relationship is perfect. Couples have disagreements that, mostly, cause serious conflicts. Communication problems intensely increased throughout marriages that sometimes go along with lost feelings of connections and mutual support.

Financial problems

Financial problems are undeniably a significant contributing factor. Money problems often lead to increased stress and tension within the relationship. This sometimes happens if the couple has opposite attitudes toward money – one is a spender, and the other one is a saver.

Vices and Addiction

A person could be addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or even pornography, and these addictions might ruin a marriage. Many marriages failed when a partner puts their habit over the needs of their families.

Domestic abuse

Domestic violence is an alarming contributing factor to divorce. This takes many forms, and that includes physical attacks, psychological abuse, or even forced sexual activity. Everyone deserves a home that’s free from violence. If you are experiencing family violence and need legal guidance, divorce attorneys in San Antonio can absolutely help.

Unmet Expectations

Sometimes, people feel forced to like or do what their partners like even if they don’t want to do it but feel required because it’s for their partner’s happiness. In the end, this leads to complaining, blaming, criticizing, punishing, and nagging.

Lack of Compatibility

Sometimes, couples get into their married life without considering religion and beliefs. According to some studies, couples of different faiths are less happy than those in same-faith marriages.

When couples get married, they think they were sure their spouses were the persons they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. They believe everything clicked, but time always changes things. Habits and interests change, career shifts, circle of friends also changes. They also become parents. Remember that change is always inevitable and necessary.

These incompatibilities often lead to conflict. The couple suddenly becomes unhappy. And in some cases, distancing oneself from their partners leads to infidelity as they try to replace what they’ve lost in their marriage.

Physical Appearance

You read it right. It may sound shallow, but it happens. People age, beauty fades. These changes in physical appearance can impact intimacy and self-esteem.

Being aware of the signs of an unhappy marriage allows addressing the issues through proper communication. We must always remember that communication is the key foundation to build long-lasting relationships.

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