Canada Immigration Services’ Refugee Programs


An Abundance of Opportunity

There are several programs that a refugee could be eligible for held by Canada Immigration Services. The Refugee and Resettlement Program, In-Canada Asylum Program, and Integration Services are some of the main options a Refugee has to permanently enter Canada. These programs help refugees resettle into Canada.

Canadian Immigration Services does its best to ensure the safety of many lives. This sanction of the Canadian government knows that these refugees have been forced to leave their homes. Some refugees have been previously living in refugee camps. Therefore, the Canadian Immigration Services strives to give these refugees a new and better life. 

The Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program

The Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program is a design of the Canadian Immigration Services. This support system for refugees who enter Canada is invaluable. The hopes of this program are to offer a new life to these individuals.

The Canadian Immigration Services works with refugees. Some of these refugees are chosen by the United Nations Refugee Agency alongside private sponsors. After identifying the refugee, it will take some time for the case to process. A refugee cannot apply straight to Canada for a plea for resettlement.

Canadian Immigration Services has people who act as private sponsors. These people are from all over Canada and financial aid in the resettlement of refugees. Some of these sponsors do this kind of sponsorship on an ongoing basis. They are called “Sponsorship Agreement Holders.”

Typically, the sponsorship agreement holder has done a signing of an agreement. This legally binding contract is regarding the sponsorship with the Government of Canada. These agreements hold the sponsors responsible for supporting the refugee or refugees. The Canadian Immigration Services holds these individuals and organizations in high regard.

The In-Canada Asylum Program

The Canadian Immigration Services also has a program for refugees seeking shelter against their legal systems. These refugees need to be at risk of torturous, cruel, or unusual punishment. Refugees forgoing these circumstances typically have a well-founded fear of their own country.

Nevertheless, a refugee will be automatically not eligible if the refugee has been convicted of any serious criminal offenses. This illegibility is also a circumstance for those who have refugee claims previously denied by Canada. The Canadian Immigration Services will determine if the refugee’s crimes are serious.  Also, if these offenses will lead to further violations on Canadian soil.

Integration Services

The Canadian Immigration Services departments have services available after the resettlement process. After successfully gaining permissions to permanently settle in Canada, these programs, offers, and supports become available. These services are dedicated to adjusting to Canadian life and culture.

The Canadian Immigration Services department works closely with sponsorships to provide an array of stepping stone opportunities to new coming refugees. These services are under the sponsorship of the Government of Canada and stakeholders. Under the care of Canada, several types of these services are offered to newly settled refugees.

Resettlement Assistance Program

Government assisted refugees are financially aided under the Resettlement Assistance Program. Through this program, essential services, as well as income support, is offered upon approval to relocate to Canada. With this finical assistance, the Canadian Immigration Services department hopes that the resettlements are easier.

The Canadian Immigration Services offer this financial assistance is available for up to one year. Alternatively, the duration of the assistance could be increased if the refugee is unable to support themselves. This aid is in place for clients of the Resettlement Assistance Program who cannot financially sustain their own needs.

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