Your Home Can Be Your Portrait Studio


Have you ever wanted glamorous portraits of yourself or your family but you simply do not have the time to travel for a studio sitting? The answer is to have the portrait photographer travel to meet you! You use your home, garden or other location as a photographer’s studio! There is an experienced portrait photographer in Nottingham that specialises in portrait photography at your home or any other location that you choose. Before your portrait shoot ever takes place, you can leisurely sit down with the photographer and plan your shoot and pick your style. You can even pick different photographic styles of portraits with different looks in different rooms and locations. Great pictures are possible when you are freed from the formal studio with your photographer. Here are some reasons why.

  • Relaxed and Productive Sessions-Using your home or garden as a studio for your portraits makes the shoot so much more relaxing and convenient. It’s easy to change fashion style, or makeup or clothes to suit the look you are seeking for you or your family. And the children will be far more comfortable in their own home, won’t they?
  • Aesthetics– your gorgeous garden or fabulously decorated room can make wonderful backgrounds. And that beautiful spot of nature near your home, or indeed anywhere else? That’s your studio too!
  • Creativity– varied and different backgrounds unleash the creativity of a Professional Photographer, especially if he has a varied portfolio from Landscapes, Weddings, Art and the like.

Imagine how wonderful you or your family will look with a professional portrait. And if you are a single lady, you will look so stylish and fabulous that you might be calling your photographer again for wedding portraits!

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