How To Tell If Your Car’s Suspension Needs Some TLC


The suspension system of cars is something that’s taken for granted by many car owners. Even those that are all in on maintaining their car often forget just how important the suspension is. It’s a system that sustains a lot of wear and tear. In most cases, it has to get to its worst condition before any issues become apparent.

This is really problematic if you are a car owner because nobody wants to be stuck during their commute because the car’s suspension suddenly fails. Fortunately, there are many tells that you can easily take note of. Identify these so you know when to start looking for Mercedes Benz parts online catalog.

You Feel Like Diving

If it always feels like the car is doing a dip when stopping, then the shocks are probably worn out. This causes the diving sensation that you might feel when applying the brakes. This is one of the more obvious tells and one that is easy to try out.

The Tire Treads Are Uneven

Take a quick look at the tires of your car. Do they look uneven? Can you see any balding spots? Those are symptoms of a suspension that is failing to hold the car evenly. An uneven amount of pressure on car’s tires gives you two headaches for the price of one.

Drifting When Making Turns

Does it feel as if the car’s going to roll over anytime you make a sharp turn? Even the smoothest turns begin to feel as if you’re attempting a drift if your car’s suspension is in need of some TLC. Fortunately, this is one that can easily be solved by a quick trip to your preferred auto repair shop.

You Don’t Know When It Was Last Inspected

When was the last time your car’s suspension was inspected by you or a professional? If you can’t even recall it off the top of your head, then you should get it inspected ASAP. It may be time to look for a Mercedes Benz parts online catalog as well.

Bouncier Than Usual

When driving on rougher roads, do you feel as if the car’s bouncing all over the place? If you drive over a speed bump, does it feel like you’re on a boat treading a current right after? A car that is bouncier than usual has a suspension that is going bad.

Preventive Measures You Can Do

There are many ways for you to mitigate the issues stated above or even prevent them from happening in the first place. The best place to start is by doing a regular inspection. You don’t always have to take your car to the repair shop if you know the most basic things to look at when it comes to the components of your car. A complete DIY check could be done during the weekend and will only take half an hour at most.

Another way for you to prevent unnecessary wear and tear to the suspension of your car is by making sure that you drive on roads that have been maintained. Potholes can be problematic if you continuously go over them on your daily commute.

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