A Hair Transplant Patient Story


I started to lose my hair since 2009 and I decided to have hair transplantation when I was 35. I have been taking Medobiotin (vitamin B) and doing a massage with a lotion (Monoxidil) on my head since 2009. However it did not stop my hair loss and I felt less confidence about my hair and my look. I thought being bald at certain parts showed me older than I am. I am working at a university and interacting with young generation. I am not old but my hair loss causes me to look older.  I had hair loss starting from my hairline towards my crown area. I also tried mesotherapy. I think it reduced my hair loss problem but did not make new hair growth.

How My Decision Process Is Evolved?

One of my friend from the university told me that his cousin went through hair transplantation procedure one year ago and he has hair now in the balding parts. He added that he is very happy with his result and can give shape to his hair as he wants. He added that it may be expensive but it worth.

Then I started to google hair transplantation. I collected information about the procedure, I saw some before-after pictures and decided to make hair transplantation. I called a few clinics in Paris to learn the price. One clinic told me I need to do two session hair transplantation. For full result I need to wait for 2 years. I was disappointed and the price was far above my budget.

I searched for other alternatives. I read a lot about hair transplantation in Turkey. In internet in many magazines Turkey is praised as being the top hair transplantation destination in the world. Then I decided to go Turkey. I already visited Istanbul when I was 24. It was a beautiful city and it would be nice to have hair transplantation in Istanbul and also visit the city again.

The next step for me is to decide which Clinic I shall choose. There were a lot of alternatives and it was another challenge for me to choose the right one with a good balance of quality-price.

I looked at before-after pictures, read about the reviews, what kind of techniques they use, who is making the procedure and finally the price.

MCAN Health was on my short list. I filled a form in their website and immediately my phone was ringed. Arda from MCAN Health called me and told me that he will support me during my decision process.

He was so knowledgeable and helpful that he answered almost all of my questions. He also acted as a liaison between MCAN Doctor and me.

He asked my head pictures and sent me an example on how to take my pictures for a treatment plan. I sent them the same day. Next day he delivered my treatment plan and my package.

MCAN Health was so helpful and answered all my questions on time and realistically that I built trust in them. Then I made my choice and booked my flight tickets. Arda organized everything, the hotel, the airport transfer, transfer between hotel and clinic. He sent me itinerary where I can find every detail about my journey and all the schedule while I am in Istanbul.

While I am in Turkey

I arrived to the airport and I saw a guy carry my name card at the exit. He took me to a Mercedes Vito and another person drives me to the hotel. While on my way to the hotel, Gurkan from MCAN called me and remind me tomorrow’s schedule.

Hotel was very comfortable and on Istiklal Street where you can find many shops and restaurants.

Next Morning

The driver picked me up from the hotel at 7:30. We were at the Clinic at 8:00. MCAN Health Trichologists Umut and Suzan met me at the consultation room. They gave information about the procedure. Then they examined my hairs and Suzan draw my hairline and made estimation about the number of grafts to be implanted to my receding and balding parts. I was a little bit excited but they made me relax and comfortable. After treatment planning, the blood test has been done.

After the blood test, they took me to the operation room and made me to wear operation dress. Then we went a separate section, there a nurse shaved my hair and sterilized in a separate place devoted to hair wash.

Then I laid down on my face in the bed and they made local anesthesia. Well it was a little bit painful but only a few minutes.

Then I did not feel anything until the end of the procedure.

 10 Days After The Surgery

I washed my hair everyday with the special shampoo and lotion they gave to me for 10 days. After 10 days, I had no crust anymore. My scalp was clean. 

3 Months after the Surgery

My transplanted hair dropped which I knew already. Because when I was Istanbul in the clinic, this was told me by medical personnel as shock hair loss.

6 Months after the Surgery

After 6 months, I had hair in my front part and sides. Some hair in my crown area also grow. I already started to feel much younger with my new hairs closing my balding parts. At the university everybody liked my new look with my new hair. I know that I will be much happier after one year.

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