Winni V steroid abuse


Winni V is the highly preferable anabolic steroid for cutting cycle amongst the athletes, body builders, and especially by female celebrities. Winni V contains the active ingredients Stanozolol and is sold under the brand name of Winstrol. This medication could ideally be stacked for the cutting cycle, though many users contradict its usage with the bulking cycle. The studies done on Winstrol V clarifies that it is beneficial to implement Winni for cutting cycle as it is considered as a cutting drug. As it is not very effective for treating anaemia, its contribution to the bulking cycle is almost insignificant. It is recommended to consume Winni V in lower dosage because Winstrol is comparatively efficient in lowering SHBG and alternatively it will raise the testosterone level up.

Talking about effects and side effects of Winni V, it is directly associated with the natural hormones level. Testosterone supplements could be used in order to avoid any kind of sexual dysfunction. As it contains active ingredient Stanozolol, taking them in heavy dose could lead to serious health problem because it is passed through your liver. Since Winni V tablets are orally active compound, the sources for obtaining them includes authorized pharmaceutical companies and Underground labs. As it is a liver toxic compound, it features the worst hyper toxicity as compared to other anabolic steroids. If they are taken for bulking cycle, doses involved are relatively high which could cause serious problems since the toxicity level is very high. It also has an impact on cholesterol as 6mgs/day of Winstrol may decrease HDL by more than 30% and increase the LDL by approximately 30%. Even if they are consumed at lower dosage, there is still possibility of Cardiac Hypertrophy to occur.

Normally it is recommended at lower dose because of substantial abuse and the cycle is to be restricted to six weeks. It is also available in the form of injections and the only negative issue involved in them is the pain caused by the injection. There are number of conflicts on its effect on the tendons. Generally it is used by athletes in order to enhance the performance and gain strength. People who perform explosive or strength oriented sports should avoid this drug due to these conflicts. This steroid is beneficial for treating some medical issues which involve bone problems encouraged by glucocorticoid. Other DHT based substances can produce more efficient results, even though this compound did not cause joint related issues.

The anabolic androgenic ratio of stanozolol is inclined towards anabolism. Due to this reason, Winstrol is suitable for female also. The standard dose of 5 to 10 mg is recommended per day for Winni. For injectable form 100mgs per day are suitable for effective results. There are few athletes, especially those involved in body building, havereported significant weight gains despite the high rate of anabolic included in this compound in comparison to its androgenic actions. According to studies done on Winstrol V, it is suspected that Winstrol has anti-progestenic properties and it will get aromatized standard rate.

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