Why You Should Tell Your Caterer About Your Event Venue Layout


If you are holding an event, one of the very first things you need to secure is your venue. It’s a crucial factor in your event preparation and information dissemination — not only to your attendees but to your suppliers as well. And like what catering companies can attest, venues ask certain requirements before you can actually use it for your event.

In this article, we’re tackling why it’s important to tell your caterer about your event venue and its layout.

Location Matters

There are several reasons why it’s important to scout a strategically located venue for your next event. It should be located near the majority of your attendees and should be easily accessible by most modes of transportation.

Your venue should also be adaptable to the theme of your event. If it’s a corporate one, it should have an atmosphere conducive for meetings or seminars. If it’s more like a casual party, it should have an enjoyable vibe.

The Venue-Caterer Relationship

Some venues require that you also book their own catering services. In other instances, others offer a list of catering companies they prefer you hire. However, if the venue didn’t say anything out of your catering vendor, many experts advise that you book a local caterer; they will most likely be familiar with the location you’ve picked.

Venue Limitations

As the venue will take up a huge chunk of your budget, it pays to know that you’re renting it out at the right price. As it’s also inevitable for the following crucial factors to affect your other vendors, like your catering company, it’s vital to have them informed of these important details:

Layout. Where will the caterer be provided? How far is the kitchen and preparation room to the main catering area? Will you serve buffet-style or plated? Laying out your venue properly is crucial in the efficient serving of food and beverages.

Space and Capacity. Can your venue accommodate your attendees and your suppliers? How many staff members will your caterer send out to make sure your meals are served beautifully and promptly? Make sure to take note of your venue’s space and maximum capacity, and relay such important info to your suppliers.

Utilities and Facilities. Does the venue have enough parking space for your caterer? Do they have the needed kitchen facilities? Are there any extra fees for the usage of such equipment? Don’t forget to ask about these things so they can be resolved immediately.

Flexibility Helps

Given the limitations mentioned above, catering companies must be flexible. They must be able to provide the number of staff, given the capacity of your venue. They must also be able to deliver whatever is stipulated in your contract, given the layout and facilities of where you’re holding your event.

To keep things on track, you must be able to keep your communication lines open. From your initial meeting to the discussions and activities leading up to your actual event, you should always give important details and information to your catering provider. This is key to ensuring that all requests and requirements are accounted for.

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