Solving model test papers – beneficial for 8th class students


Any academic year in student’s life is a roller coaster where the ending of one exam or test is followed by another exam. Every hour of student’s life is spent preparing for the final exams. They are filled with anxiety and tension to perform well in the exams. Also, class 8th is termed to be the most crucial year in student’s academic life as it is the first time they appear for board exams conducted by Central board of secondary education (CBSE). Students have to prepare for more than six exams of different subjects which can be really intimidating. Apart from regular practice, access to necessary study material is also important for the students which can help them with their preparation.

The useful study material consists of the following things:

  1. NCERT solutions
  2. CBSE previous year exam papers
  3. Mock tests and worksheets for practice
  4. Online videos and tutorials teaching different concepts chapter wise.
  5. Sample questions which give students a basic idea regarding the type if questions asked in the board exam.

Out of all the above material, completing worksheets and model test papers provides the greatest benefit to students. Moreover, students should give specific attention to the mathematics subject and prepare well for the exam. Mathematics is the most crucial subject not only for the board exams but for competitive exams too. Therefore, students must be thorough with their preparation and clear with the basics. Solving CBSE class 8 maths model paper can give a boost to their overall preparation and increase their chances of better grades. 

There are numerous benefits to solving model test papers:

  1. Alternative to regular practice:

Students have very little available at their hands as they need to cover a lot of subjects in a short span of time. Moreover, solving each and every question of the NCERT book can be a tedious job and involve a lot of time. Practice papers can substantially reduce their burden. Students can solve practice papers which act as a quick recap of all the chapters they have studied throughout the year. Topics can be covered in less time with more efficiency.

  1. Regular practice reduced the need for rote learning:

Solving a model test paper every day before exams can help the students avoid rote learning of important formulas. Their ability to solve basic as well as advanced questions increases. Students feel more confident with their preparation and perform well in the exams.

  1. Helps in Self Assessment and analysts:

Solving worksheet and practice papers can help the students indulge in self-analysis. Students can dedicate their limited time towards important questions. Moreover, solving a practice paper, after they are done preparing for the exam, can help them analyze their hold on important topics and assess whether they are prepared for the final board exams or not.

  1. Practice papers give students an insight into the real board exam question papers. Maths worksheets for CBSE class 8are prepared in such a way that they resemble the real questions of the CBSE board exams. Moreover, solving practice papers regularly give students an idea of the type of questions asked and the steps required to solve the problems.

Tailor-made questions along with the solutions and the way to solve them make practice papers the most effective way to prepare for 8th class board exams.

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