Why is Climate Change Becoming a Polarizing Issue?


It’s unfortunate that we live in a highly polarized world that we don’t seem to agree on anything. Even issues that shouldn’t have been controversial end up becoming so. Take global warming, for instance. Almost all scientists agree that it’s a real problem, and human behavior is the primary reason why it’s getting worse. Despite that, some people still choose not to believe in it. They deny the existence of the problem. Others believe in it but don’t concede that humans caused it. It’s worth understanding why we’re here right now and if there’s still a way out of it.

Media fanning the flames

Some media organizations are skeptical of global warming. They invite bogus scientists and resource persons to discredit the science. Some people are vulnerable to these lies. They end up believing something they shouldn’t. It’s probably not the only lie spread by some media organizations. Their insistence on promoting inaccurate facts has made it easier for “safe” issues to become polarizing.

People think they belong to a certain camp

Before, people may have agreed on some issues and healthily disagreed on others. Usually, it’s also about their differences in policy approach, not on science’s reality. These days, people love to group themselves into corners. If they’re on the same side in one issue, it’s the same for everything else. Therefore, conservatives who believe in being pro-life also think they have to bond in disbelieving climate change. We have become more tribal these days, and it’s an unfortunate reality. The worst part is that personal issues also play a role. Due to the anger some people feel towards the other side, it affects everything else.

It’s inconvenient to change

People don’t find it easy to change. There will always be a reason to resist it. When asked to take steps to protect the environment, the first reaction is to say no. For instance, if you encourage people to work with Evergreen Junk Removal Service the way you do, you can guarantee that the trash ends in the right place; many would be hesitant. Even if you explain it’s best to segregate trash and ask experts to help in the disposal, they would still say no. It’s easier to deny the truth and be on the other side than to take uncomfortable steps.

Politicians use it as a tool to win voters

Politicians are skilled communicators. Some don’t have the best personality, but they can win people over with their words. When they express their stance on certain issues, they can seem right even if they’re wrong. It’s the reason for people to believe in their lies and assumptions. Unfortunately, things end this way, but their presence makes it difficult to reveal the truth.

Hopefully, we can end the differences and try to work towards solving climate change. It’s not yet too late. However, if we don’t work together, we won’t have a world to live in. Imagine the future of your children so you will take the right steps.

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