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Awesome pack focus in offering packaging products in the eCommerce Company specializes in volume to accommodate any industrial or commercial application. Visit to know more about their supplies. They also provide an affordable rate that ensures and also guarantees the customers are achieving the rates as possible, including an outstanding service.

Reasons you should source product requirements from an awesome pack. 

Awesome Pack Company is dedicated to offering the best rate possible to any applicant. Most e-commerce companies depend on awesome pack customized and expertise solutions to meet every need of the business. Awesome Pack team is also dedicated to dispatching customers’ orders in less than 24 hours from their Melbourne warehouse in Australia, ensuring smooth product delivery. Here are various reasons why eCommerce businesses refer to Awesome Pack Company:

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are also typically recognized as direct thermal label printers. Shipping labels are Awesome Pack’s kind of product from the customers. They offer compatible labels with top brands of the direct label printer applications including, Zebra, Dymo, brother, and other leading brands. These brands come with a wide rand of 150×100 direct labels thermal that is made from Australian post. If you are after different sizes of direct labels, they also offer more other applications.

Courier Bags

Courier bags are also commonly known as Poly Mailers or Satchels. The awesome pack is also proud to offer a wide variety of different sizes to suit any business. Regardless of whatever you are sending, puffy jackets or electronic, fabulous pack courier bags provide an excellent waterproof solution. Courier Satchels are durable and tough suitable for almost any business requirements since it’s resistant to puncturing and tearing when in shipping. They also offer courier bag sizes that suit major business requirements ranging from 230x160mm to 900x750mm.

General packaging requirements

Awesome Pack Company offers all basics as far as packaging materials are concerned. They are equipped with transparent packaging tape for packing all the boxes to protect the products during transit, Shrinkwrap covering the pallets. If you require a conventional order where many variation sizes in products are included like shipping labels, courier bags, direct thermal labels transfer, and general packaging requirements will ensure you reach out for a tailored quote on your business.

Contact the company

Learn more difference Awesome Pack Company can offer to your business. The company was developed based on the volume. So, if a client has requested a Bulk order, they can call on 1300 816 800.


Awesome Pack distributors have helped the clients save money and time to focus on developing an online business. If you want to learn or find out more information, visit You can also refer to your nearest genuine supplier.

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