What Is the Difference Between A Stable Rug And A Turnout Rug?


Most of us have seen horses with some sort of cover over them. Simply stating these are the clothes of the horse. These are called rugs. Like human beings, horses also need different types of rugs for different weather conditions and under varying circumstances. As an instance, horses need to be covered with turnout rugs in order to keep them clean and tidy when they are out in the field. Likewise, there are other types of rugs called stable rugs. These are the two commonly used types of rugs for horses. Now one may wonder what the difference between them is. Let us now discuss the same in the current content.

Utility inside or outside

It is worthwhile to note that turnout rugs are used outside the stable when horse is taken out for grazing or for some other purposes. On the other hand, stable rugs are used inside the stable. Such rugs are used only inside the stable and hence they are named so.

Materials or fabrics

Both the types of rugs may differ in their materials or fabrics. Synthetic as well as waterproof materials are used in case of rugs meant for outside purposes. Such materials are less prone to any damage, wear or tear. Contrary to this, stable rugs are made from padded or quilted synthetic materials. However, these are not waterproof.


Since both types of rugs are manufactured from different types of materials and are used for varying purposes therefore these are priced differently. There may be varying thickness and weight of the two types of rugs. Generally, stable rugs are thicker than the other type as these are chiefly used to protect the horse against chilling winters.

Purpose of usage

The rugs used inside the stable are meant for offering warmth to the horse during cold weather conditions. In contrast to this, the turnout rugs are chiefly used in order to make sure the horse remains totally neat and clean when outside in the field. Such rugs are even used when a horse is going for a racing purpose.

There are some differences in the two types of rugs meant for horses as discussed above. Although both are meant to offer protection to horses however you need to be careful about the use of the right type of rugs in accordance with specific needs of your horse and the situations under which these are used.

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