How To Shop Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Products?


The theory of sustainability believes in coexistence. When stated that way it seems like a simple thing, but somehow becomes very challenging when one is asked to apply it in their lives. Coexisting shouldn’t be such a big problem. It should just be a way of life. Somehow as humans, our lives have become deeply dependent on exploiting earth’s other biological factors. There is no chance of reducing exploitation if we keep living the same way. We need a change, not just a minor change but a major one. We need to understand the urgency as well as the scale of the change. Sustainability is one of those changes. The basics of Sustainable living are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We reduce the amount of untreatable waste generation. Reuse products as much as we can. And recycle the generated waste into something much more usable and durable. While buying new things you could shop sustainable and eco friendly products.

The Change:

While making this change you don’t need to change everything at one time. You can start by taking some simple daily steps. Don’t renovate your life into a sustainable environment all at once. That would mean you will waste everything that you already own. Now that you’ve bought it, use it to its fullest. Whenever you have to buy a new product just look up if there’s a sustainable option for it. There’s a high chance that the product is available in eco-friendly variants. And don’t you worry about the looks. If you didn’t know already, sustainable and eco-friendly products are also pretty and have their aesthetic appeal.

Sustainable living starter pack:

These are some of the things that we use almost daily that contribute to waste generation. So why not replace them with Eco-friendly alternatives!

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Food Wrapping papers
  3. Coffee flasks and metal straws
  4. Plastic bags
  5. Storage boxes

Don’t forget these are just some things to get you started. The options are not limited to these items. You can grow and build your lifestyle as you go along.

We can all support this style of living by being aware of what we consume. We use harmful material in almost all of our day to day interactions. We can be better citizens of this world by just being mindful of what we use. Every time we touch a thing we should reassess if that object harms the planet in some way. If you are living a normal life, chances are every activity you do in a day affects the planet negatively. Now that’s daunting and sad. But that also means you get a chance to save the planet almost 10-15 times a day. Well, it’s a shame if you let it slide.

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