You have probably heard the term “holistic health care”. The recent increase in popularity is due to holistic medicine’s many benefits. While the term is used often, you still may not have a good idea of what it means. Holistic medicine recognizes and treats the mind and body as one. Why this may seem like a good explanation, you are probably wondering how this differentiates holistic health care from other medical disciplines. After all, isn’t this something done by all forms of health care?

Naturopathic and holistic medicine recognizes that the spirit and mind are equally important to health care as the physical aspect of the body. These three elements are interconnected with one affecting the others. Holistic health care does not just treat an illness, it promotes illness prevention and promotes health. Conventional, allopathic, medicine does not take this approach. Conventional medicine is more concerned with the physical causes of an disease. It diagnosis the disease and develops a treatment program that cures that specific illness. The usual treatment involves the use of pharmaceutical drugs that has various side effects.

Naturopaths and wholisitic medicine practitioners do not take this approach. While the allopathic method does save lives, it does not recognize the impact that diet, lifestyle and a person’s mental state has on the body. Wholisitic health care focuses on total wellness. Its goal is to prevent and treat illnesses using natural methods.

If you are interested in a natural approach to healthcare, contact Nature Cures. Kathryn Arnel is a naturopath in Melbourne that will examine the genetic, environmental, mental, diet, physical and emotional elements that affect your health. Kathryn is also a nutritionist and nurse that understands how these elements work together

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