What Are the Parts of Endoscope and Its Uses?


Normally endoscope is a long, thin, flexible and illuminated tube that has a camera attached to its end. In today’s world, this device is one of the most important things that give a better view of the body cavities. If you are looking for some products of the same, then you can find it from an endoscopic hemoclip accessories manufacturer.

In so many cases the endoscopes are inserted through the mouth, but on the other hand, the same is inserted through the rectum, to check if there is any gastrointestinal issue occurred or not. However, the same is used for laparoscopic surgery, where a small incision is made to insert the long device. If you are unaware about it, then, you have to read the following details we have gathered for you.

The parts of the endoscope

In a standard endoscopy, there are various parts involved and all can be found from endoscopic hemoclip accessories manufacturers. The thing consists of,

  • A long, thin and flexible tube
  • A light transmitting device
  • A lens or a similar system
  • A control system
  • An eyepiece

The working system

A normal endoscope uses fiber optics, which transmits light. It travels through the curved path inside the body and gives a clear view of the places that are very difficult to reach from outside. The reflection it makes is only possible by an endoscope. The fibers are very thin and it can be the proportion of human hair.

Other parts

There are also, other parts of an endoscope and they are also crucial for the test to conduct properly.

  • Water pipes: These are used to wash the lenses, so you can get a clear view. A good display of the inside is very important at the time of endoscopy.
  • Control cables: These are used to move the endoscope the way it needs to go. The cables make the bending of the tube easy inside the body.
  • The operational channel: This channel is used for surgery purpose, where it works as an opening part, which moves the accessories to the end of the endoscope tube.

The use of an endoscope

As you know that endoscope is largely used to check the digestive or the gastrointestinal tract of a person, but there are other uses of it as well.

  • Arthroscopy

This is a major medical surgical system by which joints inside the body can be visualized. The problem in that place can be detected by it, and then treatment is advised. For this, a small incision is made, and the tube is inserted into the gap. This procedure is useful for knowing any injuries, or if there any disease that can affect the joints.

  • Bronchoscopy

This is used to visualize the airway in a person. This is where the endoscope is inserted through the mouth, and then the doctor checks the entire airway starting from the throat. This test is divided into flexible and rigid bronchoscopy. If there is an issue in the breathing channel, then it’s easily diagnosed with the tube, and then the problem is treated.

There are other methods in which endoscope is used, and they are laparoscopy, endoscope biopsy. Also, in recent days, there are some new technologies has been invented, that is best for successful and painless endoscopy of a patient.

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