Understanding the Concept of Energy Psychology


Energy is the design, the substructure, the unseen basis for the body’s health. The body is comprised of energy centers and energy pathways that are in an active interaction with the organs, cells, thoughts and moods. So, by shifting these energies one can shift the emotions, state of mind and health.

Based on traditional therapeutic modals, energy psychology uses techniques from acupressure and energy medicine that educate people simple steps to change their inner lives. This protocol works by motivating energy points on the skin’s surface which when joined with particular psychological procedures can shift the mind’s electrochemistry to help overcome undesirable habits, emotions and behaviors. Energy psychology emphasizes on the interrelationship of emotion, energy systems, behavior, health and psychopathology. These methods comprise the acupuncture meridians, electrical activity of the nervous system, biofields and chakas.

Advantages of Utilizing Energy Psychology Interventions

Energy Psychology Therapies combine the theories of psychology, quantum physics, spirituality and eastern medicine. The interventions do not depend on understanding and insight but on using the energy centers and pathways of the body while working with emotions and thoughts.

Listed below are the advantages of using this protocol:

  • The amount of sessions required to effect change is meaningfully decreased making this protocol profitable.
  • If the eventual basis of an issue is in the indirect energy system then treating an issue on the physical level may be unsuccessful. Energy psychology protocols lead to more fast and systematic change.
  • This method allows the clients to achieve their business and personal objectives, deal with their anxiety response, and enhance their learning and focus and report respite in their physical and emotional challenges.
  • The methods can be learnt easily and can be used amid sessions to lessen the symptoms. This means that the individual is in complete control of the health.

These are some of the advantages that energy psychology offers.

Splankna Therapy Institute is the only energy psychology protocol in the market that is based on a Biblical viewpoint. The institute has published books that answer many of the questions of devotees regarding holistic medicine subject.

Types of Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is the group of a comprehensive spectrum of psychological treatments that use the human energy system.  Each of the therapies under this system uses one of the human energy systems such as the aura system, the chakra system, or the meridian system, in the course of psychological treatment. The treatments that can be categorized as energy psychology treatments are those that include psychological interventions and energy interventions together. Several different types of energy psychology treatments are available and everyone is a bit different but they all subscribe to the theory of mind, body energy connection to treat a person holistically.

Splankna Therapy Institute helps people attain holistic healing with energy psychology protocols via alternative therapies such as acupuncture and energy psychology. In order to get more information on energy psychology and how this can treat an individual; one can get in touch with the practitioners here.

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