5 Social Media Mistakes Every Business Needs to Avoid


Social Media marketing is the talk of the digital world today. Every business house is making use of it.  Be it a small local business or a established big company, everyone wants to jump on this bandwagon to make their presence known on social networks.  It only makes sense as this is where the crowd is. But there are a few common mistakes that most marketers are making that you need to avoid in order to achieve effective results.

Before launching your social media campaign, have clearly defined objectives and a top notch digital strategy in place. Poor social media channels and not having a good strategy are the mistakes that can cost you followers and a question on your authenticity. So, let’s take a look at these mistakes that every business should avoid:

  1. Misaligned brand identity

Do you have a precise idea of what is on brand and off brand and their difference? Your posts need to follow the core brand guidelines. Also, make sure you employ an experienced and skilled social media manager. Often, a company even with strong branding ruins their chances of success by handing the reins of their social media account to an amateur or inexperienced social media manager. Ensure that you have a cohesive strategy in place that seamlessly combines digital and traditional branding.

  1. Unclear Strategy

Without a clear strategy, after a point your social media presence would be just a flop show.  Define your goals, your target audience, time investment, teams and tactics. Use your resources wisely in order to target your audience effectively. Stop trying to be everything for everyone. Create a social media marketing plan and just stick to it.

  1. Fake Followers

Some marketers buy followers as they don’t have much and to create a better presence. The reason for no real followers could be little to no interaction with your audience. Holding contests that gives away prizes is not the right choice here as the participants may be the fans of the products but not your page. So, focus on building a social media presence that have a steady network of real people.

  1. Improper usage of hashtags

The goal of a hashtag is clear that is to be simply found by the target audience and not by people from within your industry. Use those hashtags that makes sense from your potential customer’s point of view. And to make them aesthetically appealing, hide those hashtags in the comment section instead of putting them in the caption.

  1. Set it and Forget it

One of the biggest mistake is to create your social media page and then forget about it.  Your company’s page won’t work by itself. You have to engage your fans regularly and keep on updating your page to create a sturdy fan base.

With the way people are connected to social media, it is essential that you avoid making all these mistakes. A detailed social media policy can even help you prevent the disaster of public relations. So, use your strengths, keep the promotion to minimum and deal with negative feedback to have a strong social media presence.

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