The E-Bike: A Unique Combination of renewable Energy and Exercise


As with everything else, the cycle industry has been surging forward, and with the global shift from fossil fuel use to clean and renewable energy, a battery powered bicycle offers the ideal urban transport for the eco-friendly citizen. Admittedly, early version were cumbersome, with massive battery packs and motors that could not be concealed, yet todays e-bike masquerades as a regular bike, and with a range of classic styles, there’s something for everyone.

Lithium Batteries

This is the core reason why an e-bike is streamlined, as the battery units are tiny in comparison with the older power sources. A typical charge will give you approximately 40 miles of continuous use, but with pedaling the straights, you can practically add half as much again. This is the perfect transportation for the eco-friendly commuter, and the bike can reach speeds of 15mph on the battery, while you also have the luxury of 7-speed gearing, for foot power. A full charge can be delivered in 4-6 hours, and if you mix it with some foot power, you have more than adequate in the battery for an extended day.

The Perfect Urban Hybrid

Those who work in the city and commute daily will know all about traffic jams, parking fees and petrol stations, and providing you live within realistic biking distance, you can forget the car. Public transport is to be avoided at all costs in the rush hour, and a hybrid cycle will have you at work on time, and stress free. Simply wear an anorak or windcheater, and with your safety helmet and a back pouch, you can head off for an enjoyable experience.

Online Solutions

If you’re already convinced than an e-bike is for you, there is an established online retailer by the name of Roodog, who have stylish and well-made e-bikes that can really deliver. This is by far the easiest way to shop for your e-bike and accessories, of which there are many. One cannot simply buy a bike and change the transport routine, as essential items like cycle clothing, a safety helmet, gloves and pannier bags need to be sourced, and the online supplier has everything, and at lower that retail prices.

5 Speed Controller

Surprisingly, as a bicycle, the e-bike ticks all the boxes, and should a person never ever use the battery, they still have a very functional and stylish bicycle with a 7-speed gear system, and the battery powered system has a 5-speed controller, which allows the rider to select the right speed at any given time.

As you would expect, all the lighting is LED and the display unit is clear, night or day, and gives you all the information you need on the machine’s performance. Although this is basically a bicycle, it is a new breed that incorporates new technology, and coupled with the hairless motor technology and lithium batteries, the power unit is both reliable and responsive.

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