Truest Options for the Women’s Dress


If, on the contrary, you want to be the center of attention, we recommend choosing a slightly brighter and more festive color such as red, blue or pink. By the way, why not choose a ball gown printed with roses? This style will be very original and you will certainly differentiate yourself from all other women. So do not hesitate and come and visit our Paris ballroom boutique where you can discover this beautiful model of floral festkjole.

Space fittings so you do not get tired and alter your judgment

In addition, most stores forbid taking pictures before having reserved a dress, so have a clear mind, and do not hesitate to be accompanied by friends, relatives, and any person of taste that will know tell you if the dress is made for you or not. We recommend however to be accompanied by only one or 2 people to avoid that it becomes confused for you.

Bring your accessories during fitting

If you already have accessories or other jewelry that you want to wear on D-day, take them with you for the fitting session, your favorite shop will offer accessories, but do not be afraid to bring your own if you have already purchased or if you have inherited a beautiful finery from your grandmother to see if they match with your future gallakjole.

Keep an open mind

A dress can look simple and not draw your attention to wearing, but can be beautiful once on you and vice versa. So do not hesitate to go to styles that you would not have dared, and choose your dress only on a big crush.

Make several fittings

This usually requires 2, 3 fitting to fit a dress perfectly, plan your shoes and accessories every time. Do not be shy, and ask for an adjustment or at least ask if this or that part of the dress should not be adjusted if in doubt. If you can, try having the hairstyle that you will have on D-Day to get even bigger and see if everything is fitting. The first fitting is usually 2 to 3 months before the wedding, if you plan a small diet for the occasion, do not hesitate to share and anticipate this before the final adjustments. The last fitting is usually a week before the wedding, just to adjust your dress with your final silhouette.

You know what you have left to do. The choice is vast, and the important issue, do not forget to take pleasure, because after all, it is only happiness!

The voluminous skirt that is reminiscent of the princess skirt is certainly the emblem of a prom. Indeed, when we say “prom dress”, the first thing that all women think is certainly a big princess skirt.

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