The Perfect Matching Accessory


Trail of festivals and weddings are coming your way! Well, if you want to stand out in the crowd then only ethnic wear like saree will pay the ransom. Saree gives you a complete traditional look whether it is an Indian occasion or any other occasion and to make a saree the perfect one it is all depended on the design of the blouse. There are lots of blouse design every woman has on their mind but choosing the right one is the most important to give a saree that perfect look.

 Let us discuss the designs!

A simple cotton blouse with sleeves or sleeveless with round or collar neck goes very well with a simple cotton saree that can be used as daily wear office, farewell, and casual dinners.

If you are attending a wedding, a bar of gold or silver-toned sequin embellished saree blouse with a halter neck, sweetheart’s neck goes very well with the designer saree. If you want to look like a Bollywood diva and flaunt your glowing back, then a Backless blouse will do the same. A minimal floral design, tassels, a ruffled high-neck blouse, and a deep neck with a knot at the back of the blouse give it a modish and extremely classy look. These designs will make sure everybody has their eyes on you. Visit Simple Savings for ATL Moms and stay updated on the latest trends.

Readymade Blouse

Do not have time to visit your tailor to make the blouse stitched? And after all the efforts the result is not coming out as expected? In the end, we would be forced to wear a design that is completely different from the one you have imagined? Don’t be haunted by such problems from now on you can wear the readymade blouse to get the look you want. Readymade blouses are preferred by most of the woman. A Ready-made blouse can save your time and effort to get the perfect one. All you need in a readymade blouse is a little alteration as per your size. Most of the women think they are not as perfect as the stitched ones but the readymade blouses of today are flawless. In fact, they are cost-effective and much cheaper than customized blouses. Readymade blouses come in different colors, sizes, and designs.

If you want to flaunt your looks like the diva you saw on your television,  style in your best friend’s wedding or festival, or anything then these readymade blouses will be perfect for you. Readymade blouses are so stylish and elegant, they can steal your heart. You can pair it with all types of saree and it can also be paired with a long shirt or dhoti to give a indo style look. Readymade kalamkari blouses also look decent when you are going to an office event or casual meetings. 

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