The Right Dress Code for the Best Occassions


However, if a certain dress code is already planned for the event, it is better not to disappoint the organizers of   the evening and to take into account the wishes as much as possible.

Planning a budget

The hääpuku, we tell you in confidence, is not the kind of clothing that you should save. It is better to choose a beautiful expensive evening dress for rent than to buy cheap analogues of famous brands in stores. The pricing policy of our stores allows you to meet the needs of almost any girl. There are inexpensive options for evening dresses rental price of 2000-3500 dollars for 3 days (dry cleaning is already included in the price). There are more expensive options. Luxury dresses the cost of rent from 4500-8000 dollars (dry cleaning is included in the price).

Consider all options

Having come to the salon of evening dresses and the juhlamekko häihin, try on all possible images. In the end, your choice may surprise and even shock you. The dress on the hanger looks quite different than on your figure. Often, girls do not even realize that they really are.

We select the fabric of the evening dress

When choosing an evening dress, we advise you to pay attention to the fabric. There is an unspoken rule: the slimmer and sleeker the figure of a girl, the thinner the fabric should be in an evening dress. And vice versa, if you need to hide problem areas, choose thick fabrics, such as stretch, for example. Another great opportunity to get rid of your often contrived complexes is to put on corrective underwear. In our salons there is a large number of evening dresses for rent, which allow you to use underwear that simulates a figure without any problems.

We select the color

The colors that go to almost any girl, regardless of her hair color and eyes – this is classic black, noble blue and bright red. If you want to surprise guests, do not hesitate and choose very fashionable dresses of this season with a hint of gold or silver. This is an ideal option to be remembered by all guests of the evening.

With white color it is worth behaving more accurately. Evening dress of this color is best suited slim girl.

Also very popular in this season is emerald color. This is an excellent option for girls whose eyes are green and their hair is light in color. This shade is so gentle and calm that it instantly attracts itself at first sight. Among lovers of this color – Queen of England Elizabeth, Duchess of Cambridge Kate and many Russian stars of show business. The luxury of emerald blends perfectly with gold jewelery and shoes.

Another equally popular color is burgundy. The girl in such an evening dress will feel as confident as possible. This color gives solidity to the image and attracts the attention of the male half of the hall.

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