How to figure out whether you are pregnant or not


You can figure out if you are pregnant by noticing a single symptom. If any of the symptoms are present in you, then it is suggested that you go on to take a pregnancy test. This is going to confirm the pregnancy. Accurate results from a pregnancy test could be obtained if it is performed one day after your missed period. But it is suggested that you do wait for a week after your missed period so that the results turn out to be more accurate.

Let us now compare the different types of pregnancy tests

Home pregnancy test.

You can perform this test on the first date after your missed period. There are several other sensitive tests which do help to figure out pregnancy earlier. All the tests work on one principle and that it is to detect HCG in your blood. In fact this hormone is found in your body only during pregnancy. When a chemical in a stick touches this hormone it goes on to change its colour. Normally waiting time does depend on the test, but more often than not it is restricted to a mere 10 minutes at the most.

Manufacturers are of the opinion that this test needs to be taken a couple of times. The reason for it is that the results may vary if you plan to take it as soon as you have missed your period.

Blood tests

It does belong to the types of pregnancy tests at doctor’s chamber. In a lab your blood sample is checked for the presence of HCG. This is accompanied by a couple of blood tests

  • Quantitative- in this test the specific level of HCG in blood is figured out
  • Qualitative- with the aid of this test it is tried to found out whether any HCG is produced in your body or not. A simple yes or no is provided on whether you are pregnant or not

If HCG levels are high or low in the level of pregnancy then the doctor may ask you to perform a series of other tests. Ideally this could include ultrasound or you be asked to be part of another HCG test in the days to come. One of the main reasons why HCG does appear abnormal when you are not sure about the dates. This would mean you are further in your pregnancy, and then otherwise you would have thought off.

The quantitative tests are considered to be accurate. The main reason of it is that exact HCG levels of blood are found. Even the smallest amount of hormones present in your body could be detected by the same. It has to be stated that in comparison to urine tests, blood tests could go on to detect HCG at a much earlier phase. Though these tests are a lot expensive and you would need to wait for a few days before the results emerge. Sometimes it even takes a week or two for the results to arrive.

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