Pearl jewelries are considered as an all-time wear, but due to the great variation available in these jewelries it is quite expected for anyone to get confused while picking the right type of jewelry for a particular occasion. When it comes to picking the pearl jewelry, you first need to consider the type of the occasion, the time of the occasion as well as the dress you will be wearing to the occasion. So, read on to know how you can pick the right one from your pearl jewelry collection every time you get ready to look your best.

  • The Type Of Occasion

The type of occasion that you are going to attend is surely one of the first things to consider for picking the right pearl jewelries to wear. If it is a formal occasion, stick to pearl princess and matinee necklaces. These necklaces give the best elegant look while adding charm to your overall appearances. Pair it up with pearl tops or small danglers to get the right look. If you are wearing pearl jewelries to an informal occasion, pick an opera style of pearl necklace that comes with multiple strands to make the best fit. Pearl chandelier earrings with combination of metals and stones can look nice in combination.

  • The Time Of The Occasion

Every aspect of your dress needs to be governed by the time of the event. If it is a day time event you need to keep your jewelries simple, and obviously the single colored pearl jewelries are your best pick. Also keep the length of the necklace shorter and enjoy short lengths of pearl earrings. When it comes to colors of pearls there is no restrictions, even the black pearls can suit well during the day.

  • The Dress

This is the other vital thing to consider for selecting the right pearl jewelry to wear. Your choice of jewelry should depend on the color of your dress and also the neckline of the dress. White, black or ash colored pearl jewelries can go best with more or less any color of dress, but if you are picking a pearl jewelry with some other color, there should be a tone match with the color of the dress. For a “V” neckline pendant necklaces and long pearl chains look best. For square neckline dresses chokers can make the best choice. Pearl chandelier earrings are best suited with sleeveless dresses.

We hope after reading this post, now it will be much easier for you to pick the right pearl jewelry for an occasion.

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