How to Beat Your Urge to Procrastinate in College


Procrastination is the proverbial fang that sinks itself into most college students worldwide. In fact, most college freshman are seasoned veterans when it comes to pushing off completing schoolwork by the time they even step foot on campus! I sure know that I was.

If I were a betting man, my money is on the assumption that you probably know what it’s like to procrastinate schoolwork too. It happens; heck, I procrastinated writing this very sentence that you’re reading! In an effort to combat procrastination I have some very practical tips that will help you fight the good fight and defeat our enemy ‘procrastination’ once and for all.

Assess Your Assignments

Yeah, I don’t like the feeling either when a professor assigns a large project and you left wondering where to begin. It’s only natural that procrastination will ensue. Been there, done that. Here’s what I found that has helped me. When you are assigned an assignment, highlight what the assignment actually is. Your goal here is to figure out what is expected of you and what you have to turn in. If you’re unsure, ask the professor or a trusted classmate. By figuring out exactly what you have to do, this often leads to a feeling of confidence, and helps you stay focused. Focus is the sworn enemy of procrastination.

Stay Organized

A large reason why people procrastinate is simply because they are unorganized. Some students don’t know what to do and when assignments are due! Fight procrastination by committing to stay organized. There are thousands of free apps you can download on your cell phone to help you in your pursuit of organization. If technology isn’t your thing, an old school planner will do the trick!

Make A Study Time

Building off of staying organized, a great way to combat procrastination is to set and follow a strict study time. Each day, assign yourself a block of time and dedicate it to your schoolwork. Amazing things happen when you start to compound your study time. You’ll miraculously find yourself being forced to complete schoolwork early and you’ll on top of your studies. Why? You designed it that way. Set yourself a daily study time in order to ensure that actively fight procrastinating your schoolwork.

Clutch Tip: Be sure to reward yourself with a break every so often when you study. Typically, after you finish making some headway, allow yourself time to clear your head so you can resume working with a fresh mind. Breaks are good; they keep you sane while you’re studying for Northeastern’s online master of finance or any other degree.

Be Responsible

A great way to fight procrastination and also a great way to live life is to be responsible for yourself. The truth is, you’re in charge of yourself. It’s on you to attend class, it’s on you to study and it’s on you to make sure that you don’t procrastinate. That being said, I urge you to be responsible. Mommy and daddy aren’t here to ground you into compliance!

The Nike Principal

In my opinion, Nike has the best slogan in all of business. You know it, I know it, we know it. If you want to fight procrastination, adopt Nike’s immortal slogan: Just Do It. Do you have homework? Just do it. Do you have to study? Just do it. Do you have to read for class? Just do it.You get the picture. The best way to fight procrastination is to simply just do it. Physically do the work. Remember doing often leads to done.

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