5 Ways to Beat the Urge to Procrastinate in College


Your primary reason for attending college is to earn a degree that will help you to start a career and build a life for yourself. However, it’s only natural that students would be torn between academic and social pursuits in college.

In truth, both are an important part of the college experience. You’ve no doubt heard the old adage about who you know being just as important as what you know, and the network of professional contacts you develop in college can definitely help you on the job front later in life.

That said, your studies are still of paramount importance. So how can you balance the two and find ways to curb your tendency to procrastinate? Here are some tips to stay on track.

  1. Keep a Schedule

Proper time management starts with an awareness of the activities on your agenda, from classes and work time to homework and studying for tests.

The easiest way to start is by adding known activities to your calendar, including class times and work hours (if you have a job). From there you can add in study time, and the general rule of thumb is 2 hours of homework/study time for every hour spent in class.

Knowing this should help you to start appropriately scheduling your time. So long as you check your calendar regularly and follow your own schedule, you should be able to cut back on procrastination and complete the tasks you set for yourself.

  1. Account for Down Time

All work and no play can leave you stressed out and more apt to procrastinate. You therefore need to make sure that you add plenty of breaks and downtime to your schedule.

If you want to optimize study time, you should take a short break every 45-60 minutes. It’s also a good idea to eat regular meals, get adequate rest, and try to get some exercise during the day as a way to properly prepare your body and mind for optimal energy and focus for study.

  1. Eliminate distractions

There are a lot of things to distract you from your studies, including noisy roommates and neighbors, as well as invitations for social events that are far more appealing than hitting the books.

If you want to avoid procrastinating, you simply have to buckle down and eliminate distractions. Turn off your phone and pop on some headphones to cut down on noise and incoming communications.

From there, give yourself a break. If you’re going to get rid of distractions and make your studies a top priority, reward yourself by socializing with friends, playing video games, or taking a nap afterward.

  1. HoldYourself Accountable

It’s not so easy to procrastinate when you have to answer for how you’ve been spending your time. Think about joining a study group where you’re responsible for completing notes for certain chapters and you may be able to cut down on your penchant for procrastination.

  1. Be Realistic

You are not a robot, so there will be times when you simply can’t perform on command. It’s important to know when you need a break or when you’ll be better off going to bed and getting up early to study rather than burning the midnight oil for a cram session.

This is not necessarily procrastinating so much as giving yourself a reality check. You need to know the difference and act accordingly so you have the best chance to stay the course, earn good grades, and complete your UAB Online program.

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