Everything You Need to Know about Hair Treatments


When it comes to beauty, today’s society puts a very heavy emphasis on the face and hair. Of course, many beauty standards also fall in line with practices that promote and encourage good health for your skin and hair. Your hair in particular is the easiest to forget about and you may not realise when it could use some extra care. Getting a hair treatment is the best way to revive your hair and give it new life in terms of both beauty and health.

What Is a Hair Treatment?

Hair treatments are often confused with conditioners, even though conditioners aren’t necessarily a treatment so much as a method of temporarily protecting your hair. A treatment is much longer-lasting and directly targets the health of your hair, instead of just a temporary outside layer of protection that a conditioner might provide. While conditioners are used very frequently (typically every time you wash your hair), a hair treatment should only be used when your hair really needs it. Think of a hair treatment as a medication; you only take it when you need it, and it’s for a specific purpose.

Types of Hair Treatments

Generally speaking, there are two types of hair treatments that you might get, either by purchasing the materials at the store and doing it yourself or by going to the salon to have a professional give you the best hair treatment in Singapore. Each of the two types of hair treatments serves a different purpose and has different benefits, depending on the needs of your hair.

A reconstructing treatment is generally made from protein and is designed to strengthen the hair, which is good for people who have chemically treated their hair in the past or have hair that is weak or breaking. These hair treatments work more internally than they do externally, so you may still need to condition your hair to make it feel smooth after a treatment. A reconstructing treatment is typically made with a mixture of moisturizer and protein, since a purely protein treatment can leave the hair brittle if done incorrectly.

A moisturizing treatment is great for people with dry or frizzy hair or for people who have curly hair that needs more bounce. This is the most common type of treatment, as it both moisturizes your hair and can also treat damage that may have been caused by either physical or chemical events. While a reconstructing treatment may be made with some moisturizing ingredients to help fight brittleness, a moisturizing treatment is much more specific in that purpose. If your hair is constantly frizzy or dry, a moisturizing treatment can fix the issue and leave your hair looking smooth, healthy, and shiny again.

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