The soy milk is the most popular replacement of the ordinary milk. It is made of nutritional, dense grains and is naturally rich in proteins, beneficial oily acids, various vitamins and minerals that keep the body healthy.

If you drink soy milk and not ordinary cow milk, you will provide a balanced nutrient without bringing a saturated fats and cholesterol that comes out from the ordinary milk.

The soy milk is excellent for people with high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol or preconditions for heart diseases.

It also helps in the weight loss, i.e. it improves the metabolism and kills the hunger. If you do not like the taste of the white soy milk you can replace it with brown-chocolate soy milk.

However, regarding many studies the soy milk is related to a few negative consequences.

It increases the estrogen level and is not recommended for men. Some of the men who have consummated soy milk started to lose their energy, the fibers under the armpits, on the chests, on the arms and leg started to reduce and their chests got drastically bigger. These are symptoms of sharply increased estrogen level that is a female hormone.

Also, the soy milk can provoke an allergy and rash.

The greatest advantage of the soy milk on the weight reducing is that it consists less calories and sugars than the ordinary cow milk.

A glass of soy milk has about eighty calories that is less even than the milk with reduced fats.

It has more qualitative carbohydrates than the ordinary milk, that has high quantity of lactose and sugars. The soy milk consists half of this quantity, and all other carbohydrates are plant fibers.

One glass soy milk has three grams plant fibers, that is 12% of the daily dosage. The plant fibers accelerate the movement of the food throughout the digestive system and give a feeling of fullness. The soy milk fats are healthy.

One glass consists 30% of the recommended daily dosage of the vitamin riboflavin and 50% of the vitamin B12. These two vitamins produce energy and help the metabolism. The high quantity of these vitamins helps in the calorie burning and gives effectiveness in the weight lose.

The soy protein is considered as one of the most quality proteins and the soy milk is rich in this type of protein. One glass has seven grams protein full of various basic amino acids. The soy milk helps in the creation of healthy muscle, but also have in mind that it increases the estrogen.

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