Benefits of Family Mediator


Family mediator acts like an ombudsman who interacts with the disputing parties, asks questions and suggests alternate solutions to them. It finally helps the parties to reach a common agreement. The mediation works outside the court room and have less complications. The family mediation takes lesser time and it is cost efficient as well. Mediation has a lot of benefits as compared to going to court. Here are some of the benefits of family mediation:

  • Eliminates complications

The first and the most important advantage of family mediator is that it eliminates complications as going to court is very stressful. It takes a lot of time and money to go to court and it involves other hassles as well. Going to the mediator eliminates complications and court proceedings.

  • Takes less time

Mediation takes lesser time than court as the court hearings takes a lot of time and there is a lot of gap between court hearings. Also, mediation takes place maximum for an hour and concludes in five to six sittings. The number of court hearings depends upon the case type. Mediation discussion timings can be changed by requests but court hearings cannot be changed once decided.

  • Cost efficient

Mediation is cost efficient as court hearings incur much more money than mediation process. In mediation, there are no advocate fees and no loss of your work. Due to attending court hearings, there can be loss of your work and also good advocates charge high fees which can be very difficult. So, mediator is the safe option as it is cost efficient.

  • Favourable for both parties

The mediation process is done so that both the disputing parties reach a common settlement or agreement. In case of court hearing, the final decision can be in favour of only one party. In case of mediation the final settlement is done with approval of both and it is in favour of both as well. So, for both the parties mediation is more beneficial.

  • No partial decisions

In mediation, the mediator is the third party and the neutral person who is not on side of anyone and do not take decision for anyone. He just suggests the alternate solutions to both the parties and it is upon the parties whether to accept them or not. The final agreement decision lies with the disputing parties. The final call is of disputing parties. Mediator makes sure that all the points are discussed and kept there while finalising the final resolution.

  • Confidential

The most important benefit of mediation is that all your matter is kept confidential as it is role of mediator to maintain confidentiality. He makes sure that whatever discussed in front of him does not go out. Also, in case of court settlements you have to talk openly about everything in front of everyone in court room which is evasion of your personal life. So, mediation is the best solution for maintaining confidentiality.

Family Mediation service Salisbury provides mediation services. One should surely go for mediation before going to court hearings directly.

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