Are you in favour of video downloading apps on the Android Platform?


There is hardly anyone in the world who does not like to watch movies or video clips. Once upon a team we were dependent upon movie halls but with the advent of smartphones things are not the same. Numerous apps like YouTube are there were you can watch the videos with some of them providing options for downloading. But with this feature of the app you might be restricted to its usage. Google is not going to provide you with any feature where you can download the videos and save them on to your mobile phone. Even there is no official app that provides this feature. Still there are certain third party apps that help you to download the videos and save them on to your mobile phone. The essence of the Android app is to provide you with a smooth viewing experience

Let us now explore some of the popular video downloading apps that help to download the videos and save them on to your mobile phone.

Tube Mate

On the Android platform this is one of the popular video downloading app. This is an ease to use app that is effective in downloading video and provides an amazing feature of pause and download. Even multiple videos can be downloaded at the background. With the inbuilt browser you can flip through the sites that you want to observe.


Vidmate apps downloading topples the trending lists and for a definite reason. This app has user friendly features as the user interface is organized on the basis of videos, movie, etc. With the help of a search option you can try to locate videos during the course of downloading.


It is another popular app that is rated high on the Android platform. It has a friendly user interface where quick access to various sites from the main menu is provided. In this app there is a feature where the downloaded video is directly saved on to the mobile phone. Even you can share videos on the social media platforms.


This is an easy to use video downloader that makes the art of video downloading easy and fast at the same time. A simple feature in the form of copy paste is provided where you simply copy paste the URL in order to download the video. In addition to this you can download content in the format of MP3 or MP4 that is basically a high quality content.


This is a straight forward app as far as video downloading is concerned. Not only from YouTube, even from other social networking sites like Facebook has video downloading become an easy task. With the aid of this app you can even go on to download HD content at superior speed. Even it goes on to support a host of formats that you can choose before downloading

To conclude these are some of the popular video downloading apps. You can choose any one of them as per your needs.

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