6 Best Free Screen Recording Tools – Camtasia Studio Alternatives


Camstasia Studio is a great software for creating screen casts (screen recordings), but comes with a price tag. If your requirements are limited only to record your computer’s screen to create a video and do some editing, you probably don’t need to buy a software. There are a host of free apps and softwares which let you to achieve this and export the video to a friendly format, or upload to video sharing services like e.g. YouTube.

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Best free screen recording softwares

Most of the free screen recording tools come with a surprise, a watermark on the video, which can be removed only by paying for a premium version. Although the tools mentioned here create videos without watermarks, there could be other limitations which might not bother you much. If you’re searching for insights into alternative screen recording platforms without such restrictions, you might want to check out WealthyLike.

  1. CamStudio: CamStudio is believed to be the best free screen recording software, and best free Camtasia Studio alternative for Windows users. The software comes loaded with a host of features, probably sufficient enough for your requirements.

CamStudio key features:

  • Capture whole or a part of your screen
  • Enable or disable mouse cursor
  • Record audio from microphone, another program, or record without audio
  • Enable screen annotations
  • Customize frame rates
  1. Ezvid: Ezvid brands itself as a free video maker for YouTube, so the video made out of it can be uploaded to YouTube only (as if downloading videos from YouTube is a big deal!!!). The host of features offered by the software is amazing. You can split your video, add text in between, add images etc and create awesome YouTube slide shows.

Ezvid key features:

  • Add your voice
  • Add computer voice to narrate
  • Edit video to create slide shows
  • Add webcam or facecam recording
  • Easy YouTube upload
  1. Jing: Jing can be considered as a true Camatasia alternative as it comes from TechSmith, the maker of Camtasia Studio. However, the videos are limited to 5 minutes only. You can save the videos locally or upload to video sharing portals including TechSmith’s own Screencast.com. The software is available for both Windows and Mac.

Jing key features:

  • Also acts as a feature packed screenshot tool
  • Record entire screen or an area
  •  Quick and easy sharing
  1. Wink: Wink is a software to create tutorials and presentations. It is useful when you want to create an animated playback of all steps taken to do something. A very small and handy utility available for Windows, Linux and Ubuntu.
  2. Capture Fox: Capture Fox is a Firefox add-on, hence works on all popular operating system. It is a great option for Linux or Ubuntu users as Firefox comes preloaded with the OS.

Capture Fox key features:

  • Supports voice recording
  • Adjust video quality
  • Easy to use
  1. Screencast-o-matic: Screencast-o-matic is available as a web-based screen recording tool as well as a software. With the web-based tool, you don’t need to install a software, but it requires Java platform to work. The web-based tool is optimized for Windows and Mac OS.
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