5 Things a small business needs to go online


So, you have finally decided to take your small business online? It’s an essential step for your business growth since more than 60% of your customers spend time online.

Well, after starting a small business on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram or building a presence on Etsy store, there comes a time when businesses start to consider WordPress web hosting to build a business website.

However, before you check shared hosting price and create your business website, here are things every small business owner should know when taking their business online. These aspects can easily make or break your online business, and you must be thoughtful while making these decisions.

1. Choosing a domain name

A custom domain name is the heart of your business, both online and offline. An easy-to-remember, short, and descriptive domain name makes it easier for your customers as well as search engines to find you online.

It establishes your unique brand presence online and helps you promote and protect your brand from your competitors with similar domain names.

2. Website

When growing your online business presence, owning a website is a must. Think of your website as the online home of your business. It’s a place where you share your story, showcase your products, and with time expand your business reach and establish your credibility.

3. Email

When you buy a shared WordPress hosting you have the option of buying a branded email. Although most small business owners avoid buying custom email, owning one shows your authority and legitimacy when communicating with customers, vendors, and brand partners. Google’s G suite and other email providers also have the option of customising your email id to match your company’s name.

4. Social Media

Building a community of like-minded people around your business is a key to business growth. And when it comes to communication, social media platforms open new avenues altogether to connect with people across the globe. The first step is creating a professional profile picture across your social networks.

So, build and maintain a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and more. Make sure to choose a platform where your customers spend most of their time.

Many businesses even take off with the help of social media platforms where they can increase their brand awareness effortlessly.

5. Local directories and reviews

Maintain a strong presence and build positive reviews on third-party websites and directories such as Google My Business. This will inspire trust in your consumers about your brand products and services.

Just like your physical store online business takes time to grow. However, with patience and the right marketing techniques, you can build a strong online brand presence and grow your business by attracting new customers and nurturing old ones. By choosing the right domain name and making sure that your online business reaches the right demographic, you will be able scale your business.

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