Things That Are Checked During a Preventative Plumbing Inspection.


Many of us have a car and we always make sure that our car gets a regular service. We do this because we want our car to perform like it should and this should apply to our plumbing systems as well. If you want your plumbing to work correctly, then this involves an annual check to make sure everything is operating properly. There may not be a problem with your plumbing, but money spent now on a check will save you lots of money over the long term.

A preventative plumbing inspection is essential if you are to ensure that your plumbing system is working correctly and that there are no problems that may give rise to the need for an emergency plumbing service in Braintree. Here are some of the things that your plumber can check for during a preventative inspection.

  • Your water pressure needs to be checked and of your water pressure is too high, this can damage your plumbing fixtures. If the water pressure is too low, then appliances like showers and washing machines cannot function properly.
  • Many toilets in homes all across the United Kingdom are leaking a little bit of water all the time. Over the course of a year, this amounts to a quite substantial water bill and so your plumber can fix this problem.
  • It is very important to check the shut off valves all around your home. If these have seized, then they need to be loosened as you need to be able to turn them off in a plumbing emergency.

It just makes good sense to check your plumbing regularly and save yourself a lot of heartache and money over the long term.

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