4 Unique Ideas for Commercial Fitouts


Every day, modern offices are looking to more innovative ways of increasing productivity in their workers. With these innovative measures, one thing is clear − not all commercial fitouts have to be dull and boring. Employees often spend more time at work than what they do at home while awake, making it important to provide an environment that inspires their creativity and allows them to enjoy their time spent working. By putting time and money into making an office look fresh, presentable and unique, you can increase the success of your company by motivating employees to work to the best of their ability. Read on to find out four unique ideas for commercial fitouts for your working environment.

Nap Pods

Naps pods are special chairs that are often used in corporate workplace environments to allow people to nap. While they’re a recent trend in commercial fitouts, nap pods have been used in Japan for years now. Falling asleep on the job can be considered lazy, but in Japan, it’s considered to be an indication of hard work and the practice is admired. Nowadays,many workplaces have started to introduce napping stations or nap pods to encourage workers to take powernaps throughout the day. Napping can help to increase productivity and keep workers feeling more alert and attentive Sanitation Services.

Meditation Rooms

With people leading busier lives than ever before, more workplaces are starting to understand the importance of slowing down and practicing relaxing activities. This is why many recent commercial fitouts have seenmeditation and yoga rooms installed, allowing employees to practice mindfulness. These relaxation rooms let employees take a breather and listen to some calming music so they can wind down for a couple of minutes. These types of rooms can play a vital role in maintaining good relationships both in and out of the office. They also give employees the opportunity to step away from their desks in stressful situations.

Games Rooms

Everyone likes to have a bit of fun in the office, and what better way is there to have fun than with some light-hearted games? More and more commercial fitouts are opting to include a games room that features table tennis, air hockey or billiards. Some working environments even include electronic basketball hoops. Ultimately, employees want a space that’s fun, up-to-date, relaxed and helps them to feel appreciated. With a games room, you can create this space and contribute to a happier and less stressful workplace. A games room also allows people to get up from their desks, stretch their legs and refocus for increased productivity in the workplace.

Office Gyms

Office gymsare a popular choice for workplaceslooking to motivate employees to work efficiently and effectively. While gymsare still considered to be a luxury, more and more offices are opting for them as a way to encourage employees to focus on their wellbeing. After all, a healthy body means a healthy mind, and this is reflected in the work that a person does.

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