How to Prepare your Car for the MOT Test


Every motor vehicle in the UK that is 3 years old or more, must undergo an annual Ministry of Transport test, which is commonly referred to as the MOT. The primary focus of the MOT test is to ascertain that the car is roadworthy, and if your car requires an MOT shortly, here are some things you should have checked, prior to the test date.

  1. Lights – This includes the headlights, rear and reversing lights, and, of course, brake lights. Indicators and hazard warning lights should work, as should the small bulbs that illuminate the registration plate. With reliable MOTs in Glasgow, your car should pass if you carry out a pre-MOT check.
  2. Tyres – Of course, tyres and essential, and the MOT test requires that all tyres have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread, while the tyre walls are inspected for bulges and tears.
  3. Brakes – The car will be put on a rolling road and the brakes will be checked for efficiency. The handbrake will be checked for correct tension and effectiveness, and this should be checked beforehand.
  4. Windscreen, Wipers and Washer System – The windscreen should be free from cracks, and the wiper blades should be in good condition, while the washer bottle should be full of water.
  5. Bodywork – The car’s bodywork will be inspected for signs of rust, while the inspector will also be looking for any sharp edges that might pose a threat to pedestrians.
  6. Steering and Shock Absorbers – Both are inspected to ensure the car steers and handles correctly.

If all the above are inspected prior to the MOT test, then your car should pass with flying colours.

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