There are many beautiful architectures and jaw-dropping locations in Dubai which are definitely recommended to visit. But, nothing can beat the vast glorious natural desert Dubai is gifted with, which later is a tourist attraction called desert safari Dubai. People who find peace and freedom in the expansive dunes at the desert safari Dubai are always thrilled to enjoy to their utmost.

The conception about a desert being monotonous, boring and dull is actually not very true. Desert safari Dubai has a lot to offer you and trust me you won’t ever regret packing your bag for such an exciting trip. Moreover, you would already miss the experience once you are back at the hotel.


If you are a sucker for traditional gestures and culture then desert safari Dubai is the perfect stand for you. You will literally love the experience if you get your hands on the Bedouin camp life. It will actually make you forget the civilized form of living and will jump to the nomadic cultural life at the desert safari Dubai. The experienced belly dancers would take your breath away by showing stunts you never had seen before, the bonfire will make you forget the city chaos while you indulge in it. The finger-licking Arabian cuisine would make you want more of it, whilst having the traditional tea would make your mind fresh like anything and you would forget all other kinds of teas in the world. Haha!


This traditional yet most fun element at the desert safari Dubai is not worth missing. Camel safari is a long tour of the desert while the guide tells you about the hurdles people had to face back then when they had to survive in the harsh weather conditions. Camel safari was the only option for them to travel to places across the vast desert. You would once think about how tiring would it be for the camels to walk all the way at the desert safari Dubai but don’t you worry they are properly fed and treated really well.


If you are wishing to have some beautiful yet intricate designs printed on your hands just don’t wait any longer. Desert safari Dubai haves professionals at doing Henna and kid me not after the color turning to rusty-brown you will be fond of it for sure. This serves as the most cultural side of the desert life which is beyond amazing and too beautiful to handle.


Who is a sucker for sunsets and sunrises? Raise your hands up in the air because definitely everyone is! Opting for a morning desert safari Dubai makes you fortunate enough to visualize the dawn and capture it in your memories. Trust me the most magical experience in life. On the other hand evening desert safari Dubai is all about the hypnotic feeling of watching the magnificent sunset happening around you.

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