Why Millenials Rather Buy Stock in Weed Companies


Millennial investors are surprisingly choosing cannabis as a prominent industry to buy stock in. Many of these young investors buy and sell stock from the mobile application Robinhood. Surprisingly, they are selecting the budding weed business before major tech goliath Apple, which has traditionally been a major company for them to want to invest in.

Cannabis companies are positioned as number one on some popular investment apps. Some cannabis companies are ranking in the top twenty in demand stocks that millennials are purchasing. Apple trails behind these companies providing that millennials are seeing the weed companies as profitable investments over the more traditional tech companies.

Be that as it may, while huge tech stocks have truly been high up on investment application’s most in-demand type of stocks, weed stocks are rapidly changing the landscape of the investment world for millennials. They have these investment applications downloaded to their smartphone and they are starting to scan over typical stocks for the new world of weed investments.

This may not come as a surprise to some. Cannabis is becoming a more common thing in the world around. Differing opinions rest on both aisles of the legalization and usage of cannabis, but hemp and other forms of cannabis are becoming legal. You can search for words like cbd oil, hemp milk and other common items are being infused with either cannabis or a cannabis-like substance.

Aside from the cool factor that may be associated with weed, it appears the mindset towards cannabis has altered. Everyone from venture capital firms to cannabis companies to millennial investors who are seeing weed companies as smart investments. These investors do not view weed as a disgrace but as a great financial opportunity.

There are various utilizations of cannabis that includes both restorative means and recreational means. Many of these investors may use weed for these reasons. Perhaps, these investors are already invested in the substance and simply want to earn some money from stock in weed. Cannabis ETFs have garnered millions of dollars for investors. Thus, it is understandable why millennials see weed as a hot commodity to invest in.

Although weed stock can pay off big, investors must still know that weed investments may not be for everyone. There are numerous claims of people ranging from twenty to thirty years old’s who are simply buying weed stock because it is cheaper when compared to other stocks. Experts wonder do millennial investors confused affordably with being a better route to investing. An absence of learning about the basics of investing and economics can lead many millennial investors to support and investing in weed companies that down the road do not return what they expect. There is more to investing than finding cheap investment options. A question investor must ask is are weed stocks going to yield great returns? To refrain from wasting money in a weed company, investors should research and thr9uhgly understand what they are getting themselves into when investing in one of these booming weed companies.

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