Virtual Assistants Can Solve a Lot of Challenges for New Businesses


Business owners have a lot to deal with on a daily basis, and if you are just starting a business, you know how this goes. After your business plan is written and you’ve received your funding, setting up your business in a cost-effective way is always a challenge, but thankfully there are now ways to save money without cutting corners. This includes turning a lot of the tasks in your office over to virtual companies that can take care of everything from answering your phone to updating a database list, and the companies that offer these services are both easy to work with and inexpensive to use. Virtual assistants can be life-savers because they provide hundreds of tasks that you simply do not have time to do yourself, and finding them is as easy as going to the internet.

Why a Virtual Assistant?

Although virtual assistants may seem a little impersonal at first, once you realise how they operate you can put your mind at ease. For instance, if you hire a virtual assistant to answer your phones, they will answer them using the name of your business, which means no one who calls you will even know that the assistant isn’t located right there in your office. They are also trained to answer basic questions from callers, so they are great assets whether you need them just a few hours a day or all day long for several weeks. You can even switch back and forth between letting them take your calls and answering the phones yourself because this is done by simply entering a few numbers into your telephone. The assistants are well-trained, professional, and are guaranteed to create a great first impression every single time someone calls your office, making them a wonderful asset for you and your business.

VAs Can Help with Numerous Important Tasks

Of course, virtual assistants do more than just answer phone calls and give out basic information to potential customers. They are also invaluable if you wish to use them temporarily, which happens when you are getting an unusually high number of calls, have recently participated in some marketing or promotion that encourages people to call for more information on your business, or even if you already have a regular receptionist but that person will soon be leaving for a holiday or maternity leave, leaving you with the need for a temporary receptionist. If you think about it, you can come up with even more reasons to use a virtual assistant’s services, and when you are just starting out they can be an extremely effective, valuable, and cost-effective way to grow your business.

Are They Reliable?

Many business owners are curious about the reliability of these virtual assistants, but not to worry because they are well-trained, accommodating, and never allow a call to go unanswered. Companies such as Message Direct hire dozens of receptionists and therefore, your phone will never ring for long without getting answered in a professional and timely fashion. Again, this is a huge asset for a business just starting out because every bit of money you spend has to be well-spent, and with these virtual assistant companies your phones are sure to be answered competently every time, meaning you are getting a lot for every pound that you spend.

Another advantage to hiring a virtual assistant is that they can help with non-answering services as well. If you have a database that needs to be updated, they can call everyone on the list and get their updated information from them. They can also make outbound customer service calls to your customers, to make sure they are happy with your products or services and to inquire if there is anything else the customer may need from your business. From basic message-taking services to making outbound calls, and even both temporary and long-term services, these virtual assistants do it all, and they offer their expert services at prices anyone can afford.

Speaking of Costs …

Since most VA companies offer programs that require no contracts and sometimes even offer a free trial period to make sure you are happy before continuing with the services, the commitment you make doesn’t have to be long-term or permanent. The prices start at under 70p per call, but since the programs they offer vary according to the needs of your particular business, the prices you pay will always be reasonable. Furthermore, once they quote you a price, that is what you will pay, because there are never any hidden or extra fees that surprise you when you get your bill. When you choose to use one of these companies, the plans are very reasonably priced, convenient, and accommodating, which means you can trust them to be reliable and to do what the company says they will do – the first time, every time.

In addition to low prices, the fact that there is never a long-term commitment on your part makes these companies even more tempting to use. You can use them for one week, one month, or one year, and you will never pay an exorbitant fee for the services you utilise. Let’s face it, when you are just starting a business every bit of money you spend is important, so it is great to know that you can get high-quality, professional, and reliable phone-answering services at a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee. VA companies work hard to make sure their services offer all this and much more, and they work closely with each customer to make sure all their needs are met. This means you can grow your business a lot more easily and a lot cheaper, and the fact that these companies’ services are all personalised makes working with them that much better.

Whether you are a new business or simply need temporary or occasional help, virtual assistant companies will make your tasks simple because you can always rely on them to do a great job. For both long-term and short-term needs, these companies are there to help you grow your business, and they are proud to provide this all-important service every day that you need them.

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