Are you running a small business and a struggling in the business world? You will be stresses as running a small business is not a child’s play. You have to take every step by yourself. You may have many fields to look after, still you have chance to say thanks as you are in 2013, you can use modern technologies to enhance business. With the passage of time, technology is advancing and allows you to lessen your stress.

The main question in business is how to communicate with a client? You cannot avoid your clients. It is importance of the day to communicate with clients. You will lose your customers after a chain of miscommunications. If you are not able to reach the customer or you are not available when customer wants to approach you will erase your image from customer’s mind. As a consequence your business will extinct. It is better to be an “ant” but alive than to be “Dinosaur” but dead.

Modern technology helps you to communicate with your customers and to entertain them with good attitude. Use of new techniques will also impress the customer and will make him realize that you step with the modern world. Modern technology can help you in these ways

Get a Website

In this age of IT we cannot deny the importance of having business website. Make an impressive website which shows all services or products of your business. Through website you may express your products ‘detail and your concerns to your customer, it is a way of communication. Website must have the slogans and your special statements about your product. You can use a website as IT showroom where customer can see your products with price tags and even can buy in some sites. It’s up to you how you want to use your site but I advise you to have one.

Use Social Media

Social media is a good mean to communicate; Social media can help you to have brand awareness. Businessmen who are indulged in small business agree that social media is a powerful tool to know the real people’s response. When there was no social media businessmen use to hire a staff who get the questionnaire filled up by customers to know the views about product. Now through social media they can know the views of customers easily.

Use Telephone

We cannot say that it is very new technology but it is present now with much advancement. Use of this media properly can lead the business higher; you may send SMS to customers to let them know about your product. It also helps the customer to communicate with your spoke person at any time. It enhances the ease of customer to contact you and business will be successful if customer feels easy.

E-Mails and Fax

You want to let the customer know about you, use e-mails and fax technology regularly. If you have any new change in product or any other term fax or email your customer to make him realize that he is important to you.

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