Top Reasons To Choose Flexcycler PCR Thermal Cycler


Flexcycler PCR thermal cycler is considered among one of the most reputed brands in the market. The thermocyclers designed by Flexcycler are commonly used in laboratories and are designed to provide the ultimate flexibility for laboratories using multiple PCR formats, with size available thermal blocks. The thermal blocks can be exchanges in seconds with without tools.

Flexcycler PCR Thermal Cycler- Advanced Functionality:

The most important reason why most people choose Flexcycler PCR thermal cycler is because of their large graphical display, low energy consumption, and a compact, ergonomic design. These types of thermocyclers are made for continuous use and offer high quality heating and cooling rates with high temperature control accuracy, which on the other hand ensures consistently reproducible conditions. The thermal clocks used in these cyclers can be altered to meet different requirements in a matter of seconds with the advanced block exchange system.

High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL):

Another important reason why Flexcycler PCR thermal cycler is popular among the people is its high performance smart lid (HPSL) technology. HPSL technology ensures the formation of a homogenous tempered air cushion between the samples. This technology also offers excellent temperature uniformity over the entire block and reproducible PCR conditions regardless of sample positioning. Since the height and pressure can be adjusted easily, the evaporation and condensation can be prevented by even distribution of pressure and optimal temperature transition between the block and reaction mix.

Quick Temperature Changes:

The most advanced PCR thermal cyclers made by Flexcycler are capable of increasing the speed in temperature changes. This helps to save the untold amounts of time in the laboratory. Actually when you are performing DNA changes in laboratory, you will need to switch temperatures at a quick pace to ensure the uninterrupted progress the tests you are performing in the laboratory. As soon as the PCR thermal cycler gets to the appropriate temperature, the instrument will require additional time to settle and stabilize into a precise zone. When buying a PCR thermal cycler, you should look for models that offer short stabilization intervals to increase your outputs.

Block Modules:

Another important reason to choose Flexcycler PCR thermal cycler is because it is built with six different available block modules. The most important factor in testing repeatability is the thermocycler block uniformity. No matter where the temperature measurements are taken across the block, the reading should be same in all cases. The block modules available in Flexcycle also include gradient blocks and independently controllable twin block options. Also, the thermocyclers are available with multiblock start and stop function and you will have the facility to auto restart in case of power failure.

The purpose of each experiment is different and the needs of a laboratory can be very dynamic. Therefore, you need to be careful to ensure that your thermocycler has the capability to change out the block. This is really important because if the block fails or your lab needs to be altered to a different block format, you can simply purchase a new block rather than an entirely new PCR thermal cycler.

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