The Points ToScore In Australian Student Immigration Points Calculator


If you want to experience the great Aussie Lifestyle and enjoy the highest level of study, them go visit Australia and study at the top level universities and colleges that nation has to offer. However, students from different parts of the world need to secure the student visa to study in Australia without which you won’t be able to visit and study in Australia. In order to secure the Australian study visa you need fulfil the eligibility criteria that is set by the authorities and along with these criteria, you also need to score at least 60 points in the Australian Student Immigration Points Calculator.

What is Australian Student Immigration Points Calculator?

Australian Student Immigration Points Calculator is the system which evaluates certain factors and grades you and provides you score for your eligibility for the student visa to Australia. There are certain factors which are considered by this system and you need to score the minim point of 50 to become eligible for the student visa to Australia. Below you will come across with the breakup of the factors and the points that are offered to and how you can score highest points in the Australian Visa Points Calculator.

The Age Points

If the applicant is below the age of 18 years, then he/she is only eligible for the no age limit visa to study in Australia and there is no point calculation for such visas. However, if the applicant is above the age of 18 year, then the points they will score in the Australian migration Points Calculator are as follow:

  • 18-24 – 25 Points
  • 25-32 – 30 Points
  • 33-39 – 25 Points
  • 40-44 – 15 Points

English Language Requirements

English language proficiency is also a crucial requirement for student visa in Australia and hence you need to provide the certificate to prove your English Language Proficiency and score marks accordingly.

  • Competent English or IELTS6 – 0 Points
  • Adept English or IELTS7 – 10 Points
  • Superior English or IELTS8 – 20 Points

Educational Factors

The qualification that you have also plays a crucial role in scoring points in the Australian Student Immigration Points Calculator. The level of degree or education you have helps youto score highest points and the points that you score in the calculator based on your education are as follows:

  • Doctorate degree or above from Australian or Equivalent Institutions – 20 Points
  • A Bachelor’s degree with Master/Honours from Australian University or Equivalent University – 15 Points
  • Trade Qualification or Diploma completed in Australian Institutions or an award of recognized standards – 10 Points
  • A Australian Diploma or trade Qualification awarded by Australian Educational Institution and meet the study requirements of Australia – 5 Points

Other Factors

  • Credential Community Language Proficiency – 5 Points
  • Studying in Urban Area or Regional Australia excluding distance education – 5 Points
  • Professional years completing a period of one year or four years – 5 points
  • Partner Skill Qualifications – 5 Points

So, these were the points which you would score if you qualify for these factors in the Australian Student Immigration Points Calculator.

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